New program proposals must go through reviews at every governance and administrative level. During each review, that body may return the proposal for clarification or denial.

Once a new program proposal leaves the unit, the Senate C&I Committee as well as the full Faculty Senate review it. The Program Committee and the full Graduate Council also review proposals for new graduate programs.

Because of their potential impact on campus planning and resources, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Chancellor also review and prioritize new program proposals before sending them to the UM System for review.

To prevent the proliferation of new programs, the Coordinating Board of Higher Education (CBHE) has recently added requirements to the original New Program (NP) Form (available as a PDF file). These are the Clarifying Comments, which require serious attention to the fiscal impact of the new program, including a market analysis and business plan. A complete explanation of CBHE's role is found on their Website.

The VPAA scrutinizes responses to the Clarifying Comments. In addition, he is required to seek an external review of all new PhD program proposals and he may ask for an external review of any new program. Another System requirement is cover letter from the Chancellor to the President that summarizes the fiscal impact of the proposed program, especially its impact on the quality of existing programs. If the President accepts the proposal, he forwards it to the University of Missouri Board of Curators for their review.

If your proposal passes all these reviews, it will then be posted for 21 days on the CBHE's New Program Web site under new programs, where faculty around the State of Missouri can review and comment on the proposal.

Should the CBHE approve the proposed program, their staff post it on their Program Inventory and inform the VPAA of their action.

The VPAA then notifies the Chancellor and updates the UM System degree program inventory.

Campus Academic Affairs staff add the approved program to the UMSL Bulletin, schedule the five-year review, and maintain files of the approved proposal.

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