Please use Times New Roman font to fill in the spaces

  1. Check the appropriate space to indicate whether the proposal pertains to a new degree or a graduate certificate program.
  2. Type the name of the department (if applicable) and college in the upper left-hand corner of the page.
  3. Insert the title of the degree or certificate program.
  4. Check the appropriate space to indicate whether or not the proposal is expected to affect other departments. If no, you may omit step 5.
  5. List the departments affected and ask their chairpersons to send approvals to
  6. Please provide a brief rationale for the proposed program or certificate.
  7. The "Program description for Bulletin" should include the entire degree or certificate program listing exactly as it is to appear in the Bulletin, paying careful attention to spelling and punctuation. It is useful to model the new Bulletin listing after current listings in your field.

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