Tuition: Normally, the only income associated with a new program is tuition income. Drawing on the narrative regarding the anticipated number of students, estimate the tuition income on the basis of the current tuition. Do not include university fees, as they are restricted to a specific purpose. Anticipate that some graduate students may be eligible for Graduate Equivalency Hours, so they will pay no tuition. You may also include non-resident tuition if you have reason to expect international or out-of-state students.

Budgeted Rate Funds: At this time, a new program proposal may not request any new rate dollars. Stipulate than any State-Aid (rate) dollars supporting the program are existing funds on the CBHE line on Form FP. UMSL is not usually eligible for State-Aid from DESE.

Other: External Funding. If the new program can anticipate grant support, please show the source of income as well as how it will be used. Whenever possible, please link the income to the cost. For example, if scholarships are needed, please provide sources of income already identified to support the scholarship. Do not include, however, costs that are simply moved to another unit in the university. For example, tuition remission cannot be considered income from the Graduate School unless you have located an external source that will bring new income to the university for that purpose.

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