Before asking the dean's office to forward your proposal to Academic Affairs, please check that you have completed the following:

_____ The proposal has been reviewed and approved in my College.
_____ The Senate New Program Form is complete and correct.
_____ The Proposed Bulletin Listing is succinct yet clear enough that a person outside my field can understand the components of the program.
_____ If appropriate, I have attached the required General Education form.
_____ The units with an interest in this program have agreed to send electronic comments and approvals to Academic Affairs.
_____ I completed the CBHE Forms as described in the instructions.
_____ The Clarifying Comments all have responses, including data and methodology where appropriate.
_____ I have done a market study as defined by the CBHE.

I have responded to the President's three areas of concern, including attaching a Business Plan.

_____ I have added letters of support from colleagues and leaders in community-based organization, if possible.
_____ If appropriate, I have followed the System's guidelines for cooperative programs

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