10.2 Specific Format Required for a Complete Proposal

A complete proposal should contain the following information in this order and numbered this way:

  1. New Program Proposal Form: Please complete Form NP
  2. Need:
    1. Student Demand:
      i. Estimated enrollment each year for the first five years for full-time and part-time students (Please complete Form SE.)
      ii. Will enrollment be capped in the future?
    2. Market Demand:
      i. National, state, regional, or local assessment of labor need for citizens with these skills
    3. Societal Need:
      i. General needs which are not directly related to employment
    4. Methodology used to determine "B" and "C" above.
  3. Duplication and Collaboration: If similar programs currently exist in Missouri, what makes the proposed program necessary and/or distinct from the others at public institutions, area vocational technical schools, and private career schools?
    Does delivery of the program involve a collaborative effort with any external institution or organization? If yes, please complete Form CL.
  4. Program Structure: Please complete Form PS
    1. Total credits required for graduation
    2. Residency requirements, if any
    3. Courses and credits required for general education
    4. Courses and credits required for the major
    5. Number of free elective credits remaining (Sum of C, D, and E should equal A)
    6. Requirements for thesis, internship, or other capstone experiences
    7. Any unique features, for example, interdepartmental cooperation
  5. Financial Projections (for public institutions only): Please complete form FP (available as a PDF file). Additional narrative may be added as needed. If more than one institution is providing support, please complete a separate form for each institution.
  6. Program Characteristics and Performance Goals: See the recommended format and issues to be addressed (Form PG). For collaborative programs, responsibility for program evaluation and assessment rests with the institution(s) granting the degree(s).
  7. Accreditation: If accreditation is not a goal for this program, provide a brief rationale for your decision. If the institution is seeking program accreditation, provide any additional information that supports your program.
  8. Institutional Characteristics: Please describe succinctly why your institution is particularly well equipped or well suited to support the proposed program.
  9. Any Other Relevant Information:

(Source: Missouri Department of Higher Education)

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