In the current economic condition of the state, preparing a solid forecast of the full costs of a program can facilitate its approval. If you prepare the documentation for the System's substitute for CBHE Form FP with care, it may also serve for the Business Plan referred to in the President's Criteria.

The Business Plan should describe all sources of expenditures and revenue over five years and using present costs. That is, there is no need to estimate future costs such as inflation, tuition increases, or raises.

After you have assessed the fiscal impact of the specific elements associated with a new program, your proposal may be stronger if you summarize the anticipated impact of the program. You may include ideas here that draw from other sections of the proposal, such as meeting needs. You may also include a cost/benefit analysis in this section. Since the President's letter also requires you to consider the impact of a new program on the quality of your current programs, you may also refer to the impact statement while addressing the President's Criteria.

Sample business plans for School Psychology, Logistics, or the Bachelor of Liberal Studies may give you ideas.

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