It's true that program development is a faculty responsibility that can seldom be carried out alone. Some ways to find colleagues' support include:

  • Look for faculty resources outside of your department. Review the web sites of colleagues in compatible fields and contact them for ideas on sharing resources.
  • Share your ideas with close associates and ask for their support and advice.
  • Find a funding source that can support the program with new graduate students or buy-outs of colleagues' time.
  • Consider a cooperative program with another campus in the UM System.

Trading new programs or courses for old may relieve some current faculty responsibilities. Program development means assessing current programs to see where changes are needed and possible. Below are areas that might provide some opportunities for change:

  • Review current courses to determine whether all are needed; consult with faculty in other areas that depend on the course before deleting it.
  • Propose a new certificate with current courses or using current faculty in new assignments. Such change might energize a program.
  • Mobilize external stakeholders to interest colleagues in changes and/or provide support for curriculum development.

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