Form PC is straightforward. Just fill in the items following the steps below: If you need further clarification, the official instructions from the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE).

Items on Form PC
1. Submitted by: University of Missouri-St Louis

2. Check the Type of Program Change(s):

Step 1. To be certain that the change that you are requesting matches the PC form, you may review the Types of Changes page.
Step 2. Check all of the changes that you wish to make.

3. Indicate Program Change in the boxes.

Step 1. Copy the current program information-Title and Option, Degree, and CIP-- as it is listed on the UMSL Program Inventory at CBHE
Step 2. Indicate the title after the change, even if you aren't changing the title.
Step 3. Use the same abbreviations for the Degree as used on the Program Inventory.
Step 4. Use the same CIP code as the original program, unless the change is so significant that you are changing the content discipline.

4. Attachments.

Step 1. Attach a rationale for the proposed change(s).
Step 2. If applicable, attach a copy of the "before and after" curriculum
Generally the best way to respond to this is to copy the current and proposed Bulletin language.

5. Intended date of program change

Consider the length of time that the proposal will take to get through the campus and System reviews, then state the month and year. Normally we request that programs start in June or September to coincide with the academic year.

AUTHORIZATION (This section will be completed by Academic Affairs)