Academic Affairs

Checklist for Submitting a Program Change Proposal to Academic Affairs


______ The proposal has been reviewed and approved following procedures in my College.
______ The Senate Program Change Form is complete and correct:
______ It's checked to reflect that this is a Program Change and includes all the changes that I am requesting.
______ The changes requested in the Current Bulletin Listing are copied exactly from the latest version of the Bulletin online (
______ The Proposed Bulletin Listing is succinct yet clear enough that a person outside my field can understand the components of the program.
______ The Rationale is clear enough that a person outside my field can understand why I'm requesting the changes.
______ If appropriate, I have attached the required Gen Ed form.
______ The units with an interest in this program have agreed to send electronic comments and approvals to Academic Affairs.
______ The CBHE PC Form is complete and correct; specifically,
______ The correct type of change is checked.
______ The specific change is described.
______ I have attached documentation of the curricular changes and a succinct rationale.
______ The implementation date is correct.
______ The dean's name and telephone are listed as the person to contact.

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Program Change Form