The information below is available for download as an easy to use PDF file document.

Please complete these sections of the Course Proposal Form using the Times New Roman font to fill in the spaces.

  1. Fill in the name of your
    a. Department/area/division
    b. College.
  2. Put and X in the parentheses before "DROP".
  3. Copy the "Current Bulletin Listing" from the Current Bulletin including the
    1. Curricular designation
    2. Course number
    3. Title
    4. Credit hours
    5. Prerequisites
    6. Description
  4. Fill in your name and phone number in case committee members need clarification.
  5. Provide a brief rationale for eliminating the course.
  6. If deleting this course affects the General Education list, please note that.
  7. If this is course is below the 3000 level, indicate which of the State of Missouri goals it fulfilled.
  8. Consider whether eliminating this course might affect the curricula or enrollment of other departments. It is better to consult widely before submitting the proposal.
  9. If you do find others who are interested, please list their departments and ask their chairs to submit comments and approvals to
  10. The dean will submit the proposal to the Office of Academic Affairs, thereby indicating that all unit procedures were followed and that the college approves the proposal.

Course Delete Page