_____ The proposed course deletion has been reviewed and approved following procedures in my College.
_____ The Course Proposal Form is checked to reflect that this is a Course Deletion.
_____ The Current Bulletin Listing is copied exactly from the latest version of the Bulletin online.
_____ The Rationale is clear enough for a person outside my field to understand why I'm requesting the deletion.
_____ I have attached information about any impact on the General Education (for undergraduate course).
_____ If appropriate, I have checked the State of Missouri goals that this course met
(for 1000-2000 level courses only).
_____ This course is NOT cross-listed.
_____ Unit(s) with cross-listed versions of this course will submit separate Course Proposal Forms. I understand that my proposal will be held in Academic Affairs until all forms are received.
_____ I have consulted with my colleagues and checked the Bulletin to be certain that no similar courses exist on campus or that no other programs depend on this course. I understand that my proposal may be held up if I have not accurately assessed other units' interests in this course deletion.
_____ Units with an interest in this course have agreed to send electronic comments and approvals to Academic Affairs.

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