Each proposal to change, delete, or create a course is reviewed at each of the steps below. If it is approved, then it is forwarded to the next review body. Often one or more review bodies return the proposal to the faculty member with suggestions for strengthening the proposal.

The time required for approval is usually related to the care with which the proposal is prepared.

The course approval process at UMSL includes the following steps:

  1. Each proposal must be completed with the expectation that it will be sent to the highest review body, in this case the Faculty Senate. The first step, then, is to complete all of the Senate paperwork electronically.
  2. Because of the increasing interdisciplinary nature of our programs, each course proposal may affect another unit. Locate and seek approval from every unit that might be interested in the course proposal.
  3. Each unit-that is, a department/division/area and/or college-has a faculty governance process for course approval. In most colleges, the department/division/area chair's approval is usually required before the dean will review the course proposal.
  4. After the unit and college faculty approve the proposal, the dean reviews it. The Dean submits the proposal to Academic Affairs, indicating that appropriate procedures were followed and the proposal was approved
  5. Administrators in Academic Affairs review the proposal to ensure that it is complete and accurate, and in acceptable format. Proposals with deficiencies are returned to the dean for revisions. Academic Affairs holds proposals until approvals from affected units are received directly from that unit.
  6. When the proposal is complete and in an acceptable format, Academic Affairs forwards proposals for graduate study to the Graduate Council. Proposals for undergraduate courses go directly to Step 9 below.
  7. The Council's Curriculum and Instruction Committee reviews course proposals that graduate students may take (3000 and above) and recommends action to the Graduate Council.
  8. The Graduate Council forwards approved proposals to the Faculty Senate.
  9. The Senate C&I Committee examines proposals for course changes, additions, and deletions for "overlap and duplication. In the absence of overlap and/or duplications, such proposals will be reported to the Senate".
  10. The Senate office informs the proposing unit of the Senate's action and returns approved proposals to Academic Affairs for a final review.
  11. The final course description is added to the Bulletin, and the full proposals are archived in Academic Affairs

Course Proposal Form
Course Change Checklist