When your forms are completed, the checklist will help you ensure that your propoals are ready to submit.

_____ The proposed new course has been reviewed and approved following procedures in the unit and the College.
_____ The Course Proposal Form is checked to reflect that this is a New Course.
_____ I have reviewed the Course Description Template and am confident that the Proposed Bulletin Listing is appropriate and complete.
_____ The Rationale is clear enough for a person outside my field to understand why the new course is proposed.
_____ I have attached General Education information, if appropriate (only for undergraduate course) and I have checked the state goals that the proposed course meets (for 1000-2000 level courses only) for courses proposed as General Education courses.
_____ This course is NOT proposed as cross-listed.
_____ Unit(s) with cross-listed versions of this course will submit separate Course Proposal Forms. I understand that the proposal will be held in Academic Affairs until all forms are received.
_____ I have consulted with my colleagues and checked the Bulletin to be certain that no similar courses exist on campus and that no other programs might be affected by adding this course. I understand that the proposal may be delayed if I have not accurately assessed other units' interests in this new course.
_____ Units with an interest in this course have agreed to send electronic comments and approvals to Academic Affairs.

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