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Suggestion Box Information

UMSL Suggestion Box Statistics

As of  Thursday  April 30 , UMSL campus suggestion box has received 834 suggestion points in 622 e-mails. The submitted suggestions addressed numerous issues and concerns of differing segments and aspects of the University. Most of the suggestions identified campus areas where the University could save resources or improve a campus process to allow the University to be more efficient.

We compiled the suggestions into 24 major categories (shown below). Also there were 157 suggestions didn’t relate to the categories identified and 37 of the 157 miscellaneous suggestions were personal attacks on campus personnel, system personnel or colleges or didn’t relate to improving campus processes, save resources or cost cutting measures. Some miscellaneous comments asked why campus clocks don’t work, we should remove landline phones from the residence halls, don’t cut the grass so often, conduct a desk audit, study areas of abuse on campus, quit printing pay stubs, don’t blow leaves in February, and don’t order facial tissues for campus offices.

Of the 834 suggestions received:

  • 82 were suggestions related to improving or enhancing campus energy conservation.
  • 76 related savings in Academic Affairs.
  • 65 suggestions identified cost savings in student services.
  • 56 identified University cost savings by altering salaries such as salary freeze, salary give-back, or salary tax.
  • 55 suggestions identified savings for the campus by altering the work week or day including furloughs.
  • 40 suggestions related to parking fees, revising the fees and parking in general.
  • 24 comments received about inclement weather.
  • 22 suggestions received about online classes, services and Continuing Education.
  • 22 comments were made on how to save resources in University Advancement.
  • 22 comments dealt with the campus website and technology.
  • 19 comments were made to improve or change the teaching load policy on campus.
  • 19 comments asked to re-examine the Chartwell’s contract.
  • 19 comments identified a need to alter facility use or improve campus processes plans on campus to save resources.
  • 17 suggestions made indentifying early retirement including faculty & staff benefits as a cost savings along with general retirement issues.
  • 15 comments made to save resources by closing, eliminating or modifying campus center or institutes.
  • 13 comments asked to improve or change the campus class schedule.
  • 12 comments suggested reduction in travel to save resources.
  • 11 comments addressed assorted issues and concerns with Office of Research Administration.
  • 11 comments addresses cost savings in award programs and one comment said to continue award programs for morale issues.
  • 11 comments asked about lowering tuition and fees.
  • 9 suggestions made asked to reduce the desktop program.
  • 8 suggestions addressed concerns with campus mail services or courier services.
  • 7 suggestions dealt with Peoplesoft and/or MyView.

Suggestion Box Actions Taken