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Campus Budget Information

Campus Finances

This website is designed to keep the campus updated on issues related to campus budget concerns and the suggestions submitted by members of the campus relating to improving campus processes and efficiencies.

This site is divided into two pages.  Page one, Budget Information, includes all pertinent information and communication received or generated by the campus related to campus budget.  Also included are campus documents intended to provide background and correct information  of the UMSL budget, especially in relation to state appropriations.

Page two, Suggestion Box Information, provides information on the Electronic Suggestion Box and the results of those suggestions. It contains three parts: (1) a summary of the suggestion box submissions which includes updated statistics on the number of suggestions received and the topics discussed in the suggestions; (2) a “Did You Know?” section, which provides information on topics of suggestions that were submitted which were based on incorrect assumptions or incomplete information; and (3) the final part identifies the actions taken by the campus as a result of the suggestion box.

The intention is that this site will be updated once a week.

If you have further concerns or questions you can send them anonymously to and they will be considered by the appropriate parties.  If you wish to respond regarding this site or to send suggestions for which you wish a direct answer and are willing not to be anonymous, please send your emails directly to Pat Dolan in Academic Affairs at 

Thank you for your help and understanding in these difficult budget times and for making suggestions to improve the campus.