Office of Academic Affairs

University Assessment at the University of Missouri-St Louis

Universities document their quality in many ways. The most traditional is to focus on the achievements of individual faculty and students. That is only part of the picture, however. It’s also important to know what supports students receive as they pursue their education.

Undergraduate students’ overall learning was evaluated by the Academic Profile between 2000 and 2007. Beginning in the Fall Semester 2007, the university implemented the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA). Both are based on the learning objectives that are started with general education and then further developed in every undergraduate major at UM-St Louis. Because graduate students are focusing on deepening their knowledge of one field, all of their learning is measured in their major.

Students’ opinion of the learning environment is another way to measure quality. Every other year UM-St Louis undergraduate students take part in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) . UM-St Louis scores have been increasing since the test was initiated in 2001. Overall UM-St Louis scores are similar to those at comparable urban and research-intensive universities.