The following guideline is intended to guide conversations within the unit and provide an organizational tool for the self-study report. The report should provide not only evidence to support each response but also evaluative comments regarding how well the unit is doing in achieving the desired outcomes.

I. Unit Mission

What is the mission of the unit? (OK to link to URL)

In what ways does the unit support UMSLs mission and the campuss strategic plan, Gateway for Greatness (G4G)?

Please provide introductory information about the unit that includes:

II. Program Excellence

Please provide evidence of how the department promotes excellence in its academic programs.

Please analyze your programs quality, separating them by undergraduate and graduate level.

General Education

Student Retention

Student Engagement and Success

Distance (synchronous and asynchronous) and Other Alternative Offerings

III. Research Excellence

How does the unit promote excellence in research? How do you evaluate the effectiveness of the support?

Please evaluate the quantity and quality of faculty members scholarly activities for the five-year period.

What evidence do you have that the five-year record of securing grants, contracts, and gifts reflects the national record within the discipline?

How do you review each graduate faculty members ability to chair dissertations?

IV. Community Engagement

What is the nature of your units engagement with the community?

How does the unit promote excellence in their community engagement activities?

How do community activities relate to your programs and the goals and mission of the unit and the university?

What evidence do you have of the results of these activities and their quality?

V. Resources


Other Resources

VI. The Future

Using the Gateway for Greatness as a model, how are faculty planning the units strategic goals and ways to meet them?

What department is your units aspirational peer? What will it take for your unit to achieve that level of success?