Office of Academic Affairs

General Education

The University of Missouri-St. Louis requires students in every bachelor’s degree program to take at least 42 hours of general education courses. These courses should normally be taken during your first two years of study. They can help you in several different ways.

  • ASSESS -- General education courses give students an opportunity to explore the many possibilities for majors or minors before committing to extensive study in one area. This is especially helpful if you are undecided about a major and want to sample various disciplines to help identify where your educational path may lead.
  • BUILD-- General education courses form a foundation upon which to build your degree program. These courses are often prerequisites for upper-division courses or they may be the introductory level requirements for majors, minors, or specialized programs.
  • COMPARE-- General education is a means to expand your awareness of similarities and differences in people, places, and ideas. The world is complex and interconnected. Understanding issues outside your major will help you effectively apply your specialized skills and knowledge and fulfill the responsibilities of a well-educated citizen.
  • DISCOVER -- General education courses allow you to unearth new interests or simply learn more about a subject just for the fun of it!


ENGLISH 1100 Freshman Composition 3 hours
HUMANITIES & FINE ARTS electives 9 hours
Other general education electives from any category 9 hours
  42 hours

*Must include MATH 1020, MATH 1030, or alternate course if math proficiency is fulfilled by examination.

Students must be sure that their general education program includes 3 hours of coursework designated as fulfilling the VALUING skill goal and 3 hours of coursework beyond ENGLISH 1100 designated as fulfilling the COMMUNICATING skill goal. These goals, along with courses that fulfill them can be found in The Bulletin's General Education Section.

Course descriptions in The Bulletin and in MyView indicate the general education goals taught in various courses. A complete listing of more than 200 courses that satisfy general education requirements can be found in The Bulletin's General Education Section.

If you have any questions about curriculum requirements or your plan of study, please consult your DARS report, an academic advisor in your major department, or the Center for Student Success.