Travel arrangements for the external reviewer
The external reviewer is responsible for making travel arrangements to St. Louis. He or she should arrive in time for a dinner meeting the evening before the Site Visit. Departure should be arranged after 6:00 PM at the end of the site visit. UMSL is an easy fifteen minute drive east of Lambert Airport. Expenses related to travel (airfare, long-term parking or taxi/shuttle service) are reimbursed by the Office of Academic Affairs (submit all receipts) once the external reviewers report is received.

Hotel arrangements for the external reviewer
Hotel reservations for a one nights stay are made by the Office of Academic Affairs at the Drury Inn near the airport. The Drury offers the campus a reasonable rate and bills us directly for this expense. This arrangement reduces the number of expenses needing reimbursement. The Drury is easily accessible from the airport. Lodging includes high-speed internet access, breakfast, evening happy hour, and an hour of free long-distance phone service. On rare occasions when there is a need for a second nights lodging, please confer with someone in Academic Affairs.

Meals and refreshments during the Site Visit
The site visit itinerary includes three meals.

In addition to the external reviewer and the chair or director of the department/center, the chair of the Campus Review Team attends the dinner meeting. One additional colleague from the department or center may attend. Dinner is reimbursed at the $21.50 per person up to a maximum of $86.00 for the meal.

Please note that Academic Affairs cannot reimburse alcoholic beverages or amounts that exceed the maximum allowable amount per meal, according to Accounting Services.

Campus Review Team
The team is usually composed of three senior faculty members from UMSL and an external reviewer from a campus listed in UMSL's comparator groups. Recommendations for this team are submitted to the Review Coordinator during the fall semester. Campus Review Team members attend all of the daytime meetings. A representative from Academic Affairs (Provost Glen Cope or Associate Provosts Judith Walker de Felix or Peggy Cohen) may spend the day in the unit with the Campus Review Team.

Arranging the Itinerary
The external reviewers arrival and departure times provide the beginning and ending points of the schedule. The review day begins with the Launch meeting at 8 AM. This is usually followed by a tour of the physical facilities and time for the Campus Review Team to meet to plan their work. Plan to include meeting times with faculty, students, advisory groups, and other relevant constituents and stakeholders (advisory groups, community boards). The itinerary concludes with an exit interview with the Dean and, then, the Provost. Adapt the schedule that follows to include meetings with essential partners and constituencies.

Itinerary for the Academic Five-year Program Review
(please print on letterhead)

Department/ Center Name

Insert the dates of the review
(Hotel Accommodations: Drury Inn at the Airport)

Evening prior to the review:
The dinner meeting on the evening prior to the visit is an opportunity to orient the external reviewer to the campus, the department/center, the review process, and the Site Visit schedule. Attending are the chair or director, external reviewer, a department colleague, and the chair of the Campus Review Team..

Site-visit day:
8:00 9:30 Continental Breakfast Served

Launch Meeting (agenda provided by Review Coordinator)
Where: Department or centers conference room
Purpose: Setting the stage (brief history, purpose) for the review and inviting the academic officers who attend to comment on the Self-Study or raise questions for the Campus Review Team to pursue. Supplementary materials are available at this meeting.
Attending: Department Chair or Center Director, Dean, Provost, Vice Provosts , Associate Provosts, External Reviewer, Campus Review Team, department/center colleagues may attend
Academic Affairs insures that this meeting is on the calendars of each academic leader expected to attend this meeting.

9:30 10:15

Tour of the facilities and Campus Review Team meeting
Purpose: Orienting the CRT to the center/department facilities (meeting spaces, computer labs, libraries, labs, studios, offices, etc.). Creating CRT time to discuss charge, tasks, and how to divide, if necessary, into smaller groups.
Attending: The chair or director guides the CRT.
Where: After touring the facilities, the CRT returns to conference room.

10:20 12:00

30-minute meetings with faculty and staff of the department/center.
Purpose: The Campus Review Team seeks evidence to validate the Self Study Report. The CRT may divide and meet with small groups during any block of time.
Attending: These meetings are with junior and senior faculty; research faculty, post doctoral associates; lecturers and adjunct faculty; full-time and part-time staff.

12:00 1:15

Campus Review Team working lunch in conference room
Purpose: To share perceptions, findings, discuss their work, identify remaining questions or concerns. The chair or director attends by invitation.

1:30 3:00

30-minute meetings with representatives from key constituency and external groups.
Purpose: The Campus Review Team seeks evidence to validate the Self Study Report. The CRT may divide and meet with small groups during any block of time.
Attending: These meetings are with undergraduate and graduate students, TAs, part-time and full-time students, international students, advisory and community boards, alumni, as appropriate to the center or department. The Campus Review Team may divide to meet with small groups.

3:00 3:30

Meeting of the Campus Review Team
Purpose: Outline reports, organize findings, assign responsibilities for sections, exchange contact information.

3:30 4:00

External reviewer and Dean meet for an exit interview.

4:00 4:30

External reviewer and Provost meet for an exit interview.

Chair or director escorts the reviewer to the hotel or airport.

Questions? Call Peggy Cohen or Pat Dolan.

Contact Peggy Cohen as the schedule is constructed to discuss ideas for meeting with internal constituents and external stakeholders. Please insure that meeting spaces and conference rooms are reserved and that everyone scheduled to meet with the Campus Review Team has a copy of the Itinerary. Please make arrangements to escort the external reviewer to and from the airport, hotel, and meetings.