Student experiences are measured in several ways at UMSL:

Program evaluation/satisfaction surveys
Participants in new student orientation programs and Fall Leadership Workshops complete program evaluations. From these evaluations Student Affairs staff members learn about the effectiveness of these opportunities and the value participants place on these experiences and use this information for continuous improvement. The University Program Board uses assessment instruments in their meetings to improve future programming efforts.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
The results from several questions and benchmarks in NSSE assist the Student Affairs Division in assessing the quality of student experiences and student perceptions of the campus. Some of the NSSE items we monitor closely are Level of Academic Challenge, Active and Collaborative Learning, Student-Faculty Interaction, High Impact Practices, and Supportive Campus Environment. Student Affairs staff discuss how the results reflect on our campus and make recommendations for quality improvement.

ACUHO-I/EBI Resident Assessment
This instrument is used to assess the residence hall experience. This tool measures the effectiveness of our housing programs from the students’ perspective with its standard assessment tool and 10 UMSL-specific questions. Residential Life staff members review the results and use them to improve the experiences of students living on campus.