All of UMSL’s academic programs have identified student-learning outcomes and have established systems to gauge student performance and program quality. The university clearly values external accreditation, which assures that a substantial number of our programs meet the highest standards recognized in their field.

Faculty in each undergraduate program select an appropriate capstone experience and assessment for their seniors. Most arts and sciences programs and business administration use the Major Field Achievement Test as the program exam.

Other measures of student learning include standardized tests, term papers and presentations, lab reports, traditional and electronic portfolios of student work, performance in capstone courses, video resumes, auditions, recitals, and assessment of fieldwork. All programs also rely on indirect measures, which include course evaluations, senior and alumni surveys, field supervisor surveys and informal feedback, graduate placements, student awards, retention and graduation rates, and five-year program reviews.

UMSL students typically do very well on licensing examinations. The pass rate of Optometry students consistently exceeds the national average, and pass rates for our Bachelor of Science in Nursing students regularly exceed 90 percent.

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