The University of Missouri – St. Louis participates in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) in odd-numbered years. In addition to the standard random sample, individual colleges may choose to survey additional students. NSSE is administered by the Center for Postsecondary Research at Indiana University Bloomington.

Participants are randomly selected by NSSE from first year (FY) students and graduating seniors (SR).  Students are given the option of completing the survey either via the web or a paper version of the survey.  After sending the initial survey early in the spring, NSSE staff conducts various follow-up activities with non-respondents over a three month period.  During this time there are general campus reminders via flyers, the Current, contacts with faculty, and other means, to students and faculty about the importance of completing the survey.

Response rates for the most recent administration, 2013, are shown in the table below with comparison data from other NSSE groups.


UMSL                 Participating Peer Institutions Carnegie Peers   NSSE 2013       

Response Rate 

Overall 25 % 20% 21% 24%
By Class 24% 25%  16% 22% 18% 23% 21% 26%
NSSE Sample Size 537 2,581 40,712 60,350 143,122 185,713 648,829 764,096


UMSL participates in the NSSE-USA Today initiative.