The University of Missouri-St. Louis started using the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) in Fall 2007 as the campus-level assessment of general education.  This test is given to first-time degree-seeking freshmen in the Fall semester.  Graduating seniors are tested in the Spring term.  Students must have an ACT or SAT score to be eligible to participate. In Fall 2013, the CAE changed the CLA methodology to include both a performance task and a set of selected-response questions. The name of the assessment was changed to the CLA+.

During the 2014-15 academic year, the goal was to have 100 freshmen and 100 seniors take the CLA+.  A total of 485 freshmen were asked to participate and 100 completed the assessment.  Of the 825 seniors invited, 99 finished the assessment.

Eligible students receive an initial letter from the Chancellor inviting them to take the CLA+.  A number of follow-up contacts are sent via email by the Testing Center.  Students completing the assessment are compensated.