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Study Abroad Returnee Evaluation and Diversity Questionnaire

Online Evaluation Form

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Country where you studied:
Program or Host University:
Semester and Year Abroad:
May potential study abroad students contact you about this program? Yes No
If yes:

Would you recommend this program to other students? Please explain why or why not.


Did you enroll in an orientation program or intensive language program at the host university prior to your academic courses?
Yes No

If yes, was it useful? Why or why not?

Were you advised at your host institution in course selection? If so, who advised you? What is the registration procedure?
Were your UMSL pre-approved courses available?

What, if any, were the differences in academics between the host university and UM-St. Louis? Please also comment on the type of interaction with professors, course expectations and grading methods, papers, tests, homework, etc.

What other information about classes or academic life in general would be helpful for future participants to know?


Approximate cost of airfare:
What city did you fly into?

How did you get from the airport to your housing or host university?

Where did you live?

What was the name of your housing/building? How did you locate this housing option?

What services (laundry, meals, etc.) and furnishings were provided?

What were the advantages and disadvantages of your housing? What would you recommend to future students?


On a monthly basis, how much did you spend on:

Other (please specify):

Was this more, less, or about what you expected?

How did you access your money to pay for things (ATM; Credit/debit card; Travelers checks; Personal check; Other)?
What general advice do you have for students regarding money or finances at this study location?


What was the biggest challenge for you living abroad?

Did you experience "culture shock?" If yes, what did helped you to regain equilibrium?

What do you wish you had brought with you and what do you wish you had left behind?

Did you bring:
Cell Phone
Small Electric Items (hairdryer, razor, curling iron)

Should future students bring these and/or other items with them?

Was it easy or difficult to meet people from your host country? What advice would you give future students?

In your host city what was:

the best place to get a cheap meal?
the best thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?
the easiest way to get around the city?
the best cultural attraction?
the thing you most enjoyed doing?
the best place to travel outside the campus?
the best place to travel outside the city or country?
the best internet café?
your favorite food and where did you get it?

Did you feel safe while abroad? Advice for future students about safety?

Did you experience anti-Americanism?
If yes, was it an isolated incident or a common experience? How did you handle it?


What do you wish you had known before you went abroad?

What was the biggest disappointment? The most rewarding experience?

Was it difficult returning to the U.S? If yes, please describe some difficulties.

Was the UMSL orientation useful? How would you change it?

Any other comments?