Location: Osaka, Japan, Asian

Program Type: UMSL Exchange Program

Language of Instruction: English and/or Japanese

UMSL Term Abroad: Academic Year, Spring

Approximate Dates Abroad:
Academic Year: Mid September - late July
Spring Semester: late March - late July

The Fall Semester begins in mid-September and concludes in late January. There is a two-month summer vacation between the two semesters, a three-week winter vacation in late December through early January, and a three-month spring vacation after the conclusion of Fall Semester in January.

UMSL Study Abroad Eligibility Requirements.  

Application Deadline:

  • Academic Year: February 16 (final)
  • Spring: September 16 (final)

Read about UMSL Student Experiences:

Rachelle's Semester at Kansai University

Subjects Available: 

  • Business Administration
  • Food Science and Technology
  • History
  • International Business
  • Languages - Japanese
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Languages - Japanese
  • Students with a high proficiency/native fluency may enroll directly in the regular university programs in nearly all fields


The University: Kansai University is one of the oldest and most respected private universities located in Osaka, Japan. It was founded as Kansai Law School in 1886. Today it comprises 10 colleges with more than 30,000 students. 

Academics:  Kansai University, located in Osaka, is a great program combining Japanese language studies with courses taught in English, called the Bekka Program. UMSL students will take six hours of Japanese language classes and six hours of electives (Japanese Studies) per week for a total of 12 semester credits. Japanese language classes are offered from beginning to advanced levels. Elective classes are taught in English. If a student has sufficient Japanese proficiency, s/he can take regular university courses taught in Japanese. The courses taught in English vary each semester, but in general include: Japanese philosophy, history, literature, culture, politics, science/technology, art, law, economy, industries, popular culture, etc. UMSL students with a high/native proficiency may enroll in regular content courses.

KU has launched a new curriculum as a part of the "Global Leaders Promotion Program for the Next Generation" initiative. The new curriculum is called KUGF(Kansai University Global Frontier). The KUGF curriculum is taught entirely in English, and offers various subjects to both Japanese and international students at Kansai University. Exchange students are also able to take the courses.

Housing: Kansai University students, mostly international students, will be the main residents in this dormitory and resident assistants will support the daily life of the international students. This can make it more difficult to meet local students, so you should make certain to take the extra effort to make friends with locals. All rooms are single occupancy and there are shared kitchen, shower room, washroom, and toilet on each floor. All rooms are equipped with the Internet (wired LAN) and air conditioner. There are multipurpose room and study room available for the students encouraging active interactions among the students. The dormitory is mixed-gender but each floor is designated for each gender. There are opportunities for many social activities organized by the dorm and by the International Affairs Office at Kansai University.

Activities and Programs: One of the important features of student life at Japanese universities is participation in extracurricular clubs. Kansai University has many student clubs to choose from including culture and music circles, martial arts, and many kinds of sports clubs. Most clubs take new students at the start of the school year in April and May, but international students who come to Kansai University later in the year are also welcome to participate.

Location: Osaka is the second largest city in Japan with approximately 3 million people. Kansai University is located within one hour of downtown Osaka and two hours from Kansai International Airport. Osaka is a lively and historically rich city. It was once the political center of Japan and is known for its excellent cuisine. During orientation, exchange students participate in a two-day field trip to explore Japanese culture and heritage. Additional field trips are built into the classes and arranged by student clubs.

International Office Website: http://www.kansai-u.ac.jp/English/international/index.html

Course Offerings: http://www.kansai-u.ac.jp/Kokusai/english/program.html


Cost Estimates for 2014-15*

Use the Budget Worksheet to compare the below cost to your personal budget or living on campus at UMSL.

Tuition $3789.60
Books and course materials $200.00
Mandatory HTH insurance $140.00
Accommodations  $1800.00
Meals & Personal Expenses $3500.00
Airfare $1550.00
Local Transportation $225.00
Other $700.00
Total $11904.60*


Course Equivalencies: Each student is responsible for researching what courses are available to take and for obtaining an UMSL equivalent course. The UMSL equivalent course number is the course for which you will receive credit on your UMSL transcript. Finding courses to take while you are abroad requires some time and research. More information is on the course equivalency page.

Upon Acceptance: Students will be required to submit supplemental materials, purchase HTH insurance, and participate in a mandatory orientation. More information will be distributed to all accepted students.

* UMSL tuition fees are based on 12 undergraduate credit hours at the 2014/15 rate - 2015/16 tuition rate TBA April 2015. Non-resident fees may apply. 
* Costs are based off a four month semester.
* Airline estimate based off of online search.
* Please note that expenses are ESTIMATES. Costs vary depending on the exchange rate, the inflation rate, individual spending habits, and amount of extra travel. The cost estimate above does not include visa expenses, personal expenses, independent travel, which vary widely from student to student.
* Program information is subject to change.
* Other includes local insurance.