Students are encouraged, if possible, to participate in a UMSL sponsored study abroad program. However, it is impossible for any university to have a program in every country or specialization, so students may participate in approved non-UMSL programs when an UMSL program is not available (for example, Peru or Argentina).

The below programs are offered by other University of Missouri campuses. These programs are open to UMSL students:

January Winter Intersession Programs
ITALY: Ancient Rome: City of Caesars and Saints Rome, Italy MU
Spring Break Programs
PERU: Geological Engineering at Machu Picchu Machu Picchu, Peru MS&T
Summer Faculty-led/Partner programs
ARGENTINA: Spanish in Argentina, University of Belgrano Buenos Aires, Argentina UMKC
AUSTRIA: Music and Medicine in Graz (odd years): Multidisciplinary for Med, Conservatory or A&S Students Graz, Austria UMKC
BELGIUM/NETHERLANDS: Exploring N. Renaissance Dutch & Flemmish Art Brussels, Belgium MU
BELGIUM/NETHERLANDS: Developing Dynamics of Democracy Leiden, Netherlands MU
FRANCE: French in Lyon Lyon, France UMKC
FRANCE: Gastronomy & French Identity in Literature & Film Lyon, France MU
GERMANY: Summer Marburg Marburg, Germany MU
GREECE: From the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Empire Various cities in Greece MU
GREECE: MU Writing Workshop Thessaloniki & Thasos , Greece MU
GREECE: MU Writing Workshop Athens & Serifos, Greece MU
HONDURAS: Health Sciences in Honduras (for Nursing and Pharmacy students) San Pedro Sula, Honduras UMKC
IRELAND & WALES: Ireland Law (must have completed one full year of law prior to program and be in good standing) Dingle, Galway Dublin, Ireland and Bangor, Wales UMKC
ITALY OR GREECE: Classics Program: Italy or Greece Rome, Italy and/or Athens, Greece UMKC
RWANDA: Studying the Genocide in Rwanda Kigali, Rwanda MU
SOUTH AFRICA: Social Work Cape Town, South Africa MU
SPAIN: Spanish Language, Literature & Culture Oviedo, Spain MU
SWEDEN: Sweden Program (even years): Honor's Credit Available Uppsala, Sweden UMKC
UK: English Architecture & Literary Landscapes London & York, England MU
UK: Information Science and Learning Technologies Summer Seminars Various cities in England & Scotland MU
Semester/Year-long programs
IRELAND: University College Dublin Dublin, Ireland MU
SPAIN: MU Alicante Program Alicante, Spain MU
SOUTH AFRICA: Environmental & Natural Resource Economics or Intercultural Communication (contact or Cape Town, South Africa MS&T

The study abroad advisors are here to help you find a program that fits your personal and academic needs. Whether you choose to participate in a UMSL program or another approved program, you must still apply through the Study Abroad Office before the UMSL deadline and complete the same UMSL checklist of procedures for the application requirements. Students must meet UMSL eligibility requirements as well as any additional requirements by the host campus.

*Please note there will also likely be a separate application process from the home campuses that you will need to complete, as well as another deadline to keep in consideration. UMSL students may incur additional fees through other UM campuses, such as visiting students fees, application fees, study abroad fees, etc.