FY=full year; SM1=semester 1 (Fall); SM2=semester 2 (Winter/Spring)

(Last updates made to this table on 3/27/01)
Current Placements (No. of Students): 38 Current Placements (No. of Semesters): 56


Host University # Semester available Student Placed Areas to be studied at Host Institution Home Institution Semester
Aarhus No limit 1 Elisa King UNO S1 or S2
2 Jennifer Cole multicultural studies UNL FY
3 Reilly Capps OU FY
Antwerp 4 sem in Econ/other dept no limit 1 Jennifer Gadd OSU S2
2 Nicholas Farha OSU S2
Basel no limit
Bergen no limit 1 Matt Culver OSU S2
Bochum 6 students
12 sem
Students who Withdrew:
Christopher Gustafson (UNL)
8 semesters for 2000-2001
Coimbra 6 sem
(3 students
each sem.)
Cork 2 semesters 1 Courtney Eagle Irish studies OU FY
Graz 2 students
(4 semesters)
Helsinki 4 students
(8 semesters)
Iceland 4-7, depends on area 1 Madeline Trudeau Icelandic studies, art history UTA S1 or AY
2 Doug Huseby OSU S2
Leipzig 10 sem 1 Kirk Malahy linguistics OU AY
2 Juliana Bright OU AY
3 Kai Gilbert history UM-St. Louis AY
Lille 20 semesters
Ljubljani 1 student
2 sem
Lund 10 sem
1 Michelle Wait biology UMC S2
2 Melinda DeBoer Scandinavian studies OSU S2
3 Derrick Roberts Swedish language and culture OSU FY
4 Erick Nease Swedish econ & business OSU FY
5 Nathan Kielholz Swedish language and culture OSU FY
Vicki Monti UMC S2
Madrid 10 students
20 sem
1 Elisabeth Prevedel Engineering/Spanish UMC FY
2 Jennifer Donlan literature and language UNL FY
3 Albert Doskey Spanish lit, history, natural science UTA AY
4 Sarah Edwards Spanish, literature & Russian UNL S1
5 Alessandra de LaGuardia General studies UNO S2
6 Katie Burke Spanish, business OSU AY
Students who withdrew:
Nathan Weber(UNO)
Tim Rule(UNO)
Malta Not available
for 2000-2001
Masaryk Not available
for 2000-2001
Strasbourg 1
(Louis Pasteur)
6 sem
Strasbourg 2
4 or 5 1 Kim Kitchens TTU S1
Students who with 1 Alyssa Volmer international studies UNL S2
Students who withdrew:
Andrea Harms (KSU)
2 Kristen Reed French OU AY
Strasbourg 3
(Robert Schuman)
law 6 students
(12 sem)
10 sem
5 for 2 sem
1 Jason Gasaway
business UNO S1
6 sem
3 for 2 sem
Thessaloniki 1 student for 2 semesters (FULL) 1 Carlos Cavazos ancient history, anthropology UTA AY1
Utrecht 10 semesters
1 Dave Imerman poly sci UMC AY
2 David Schoell liberal arts OSU AY
3 Ruben Barton law, economics, literature OSU S1
4 Lisa Clanton liberal arts OU AY
5 Jodee Glass upper-division, non-English OSU S1
6 Willard Thurber film and theater studies OSU S1
7 John Hansen Mechanical Engineering UMR S2
Utrecht Arts 2 students/4 semesters 1 Melissa Mundorf photography OU S1
2 Jill Flinton painting OU AY
3 Molly O'Connor (?) painting OU
Vilnius No limit