MAUI-Utrecht Network Exchange


FY=full year; SM1=semester 1 (Fall); SM2=semester 2 (Winter/Spring)

Last updated 10/23/00 Placements (No. of Students): 34* Placements (No. of Semesters: 56* *These figures should not be considered as final.

Host University # Semester Available Student Placed Area to be Studied in Host Instituion Home University Semester
Baylor 2 semesters (FULL) 1 Corinna Marx Bochum FY
Iowa State 2 semesters (FULL) 1 Emmanuel Toubeau Economics Lille FY
Kansas State min. 3 semesters 1 Pedro Filipe Morais Lima Business Administration Coimbra FY
2 Mathieu Vezier Lille SM1
??? 3 Maud Gallet English Strasbourg II FY
Univ of Kansas 0 for 2000-2001
UM Columbia 3 semesters 1 Torben Kragelund Christiansen Psychology Aarhus FY
2 Niki D'Hollander Computer Science Antwerp SM 1 or 2
Students who withdrew: Catherine Phillippe (StrII)
UM Kansas City 2 semesters (FULL) 1 Karolina Bubnyte Law Vilnius FY
UM Rolla 2 semesters 1 Bart Huylebroeck* *Reciprocity--if Rolla sends a student out Computer Science Antwerpen SM1
UM St. Louis 12 semesters 1 Matthias Mieth Clinical Psychology Utrecht FY
3 Francois Charvet Information Studies, Economics Antwerp SM1
5 Michael Frappier Business/Political Science Strasbourg III FY
6 Timo Grollimund American Studies Basel FY
Students intially placed who did not apply: Severine Berquin Lille Sara Maria De Almeda Duarte (Coimbra) Tabe Bergman (Utrecht)
U Nebraska Kearney 2 more than outgoing number 1 Alexander LeRoy Political Science Antwerp SM1
? 2 Morad Echarkoui Management Lille FY
? 3 Anny Mavambu English Strasbourg II FY
U Nebraska Lincoln 15 semesters 1 Maria Noth Am. Jewish History/Culture Leipzig FY
2 Caroline Devue Economics, Comp. Sciences Antwerp SM2
3 Bart Huylebroeck** **If not accepted by UMRolla Computer Science Antwerp SM1
4 Natalia Ruiz Junco Political Science Madrid FY
5 Sahal El Habiri Economics Lille FY
6 Eric Van Perperstraete Geography Lille FY
U Nebraska Omaha 5 for a.y/ 10 semesters 1 Vincent Leger Electronics Lille FY
Univ Oklahoma No limit, but depends on outgoing number. 1 Eyglo Thora Hardordottir Reykjavik SM2
Oklahoma State 5 for a.y./ 10 semesters 1 Bjorn Helgi Barkakson Environmental Sciences Reykjavik FY
2 Claudia Hildebrandt Culture Studies Leipzig FY
3 Christoffer Skovdal Mouritzen Geology Aarhus FY
4 Hugues Ramakichenane Economics Lille FY
SIUC 2 semesters 1 Marita Wallhagen Comparative Literature Lund FY
Texas Austin 4 semesters 1 Nathalie Dumon Comparative Literature Lund SM1
2 Minori Takei American Studies Basel SM1
3 Jeremie Vernet Political Science Strasbourg III FY
Texas Tech 2 students
Students who withdrew: Alkistis Sfakianaki (StrasbourgI) 1 Jenny BreitenSchmid Physical Education Basel FY
Florida 0