Application for Study Abroad Credit

Students studying abroad will generally attend courses at a foreign university. Each student is responsible for researching what courses are available to take and for obtaining a University of Missouri-St. Louis equivalent course. The UMSL equivalent course number is the course for which you will receive credit on your UMSL transcript.

Finding courses to take while you are abroad requires some time and research. Using the Study Abroad Course Evaluation Form (or "green sheet") and the Course Equivalency Database, follow this process to get started:

  1. Using course catalogs and online course listings from the host university, list the English translation of the titles of classes you intend to take during your time abroad. List several additional classes for each semester in the event that a class is cancelled, changed, etc. You may need to use two forms, especially if you will be abroad for more than one semester or you will have courses evaluated by multiple departments.
  2. Check the study abroad course equivalency database online or in the Study Abroad Office to see if any classes you're interested in taking have already been evaluated for UMSL equivalents. If there are pre-existing equivalents, you do not need to have these courses evaluated again; simply write the UMSL equivalent on your Green Sheet and write "CE Database" in the Evaluator's line. If there are no existing equivalents for the classes you plan to take, then you must have them evaluated.
  3. To have a course evaluated for UMSL equivalency, you must make an appointment with the undergraduate coordinator or department chair in the department where you wish to earn credit. Bring a copy of the course description and the green sheet to the appointment. For example, if you are taking a history class abroad, meet with the chairperson of the history department to have the foreign course evaluated and the UMSL course equivalent determined. Click here for a list of designated Department Evaluators. If the department you are searching for is not represented, please contact the department chair or undergraduate coordinator.
  4. After you have course equivalents for each class listed, go the advising office for your major to have an advisor list the graduation requirements each of these courses will satisfy and confirm that these courses will count towards your degree. The advisor should then sign this form.
  5. Make a copy for the advising office and for your own files. Return the original to your study abroad advisor.
  6. The University of Missouri-St. Louis will only accept credit for courses listed on official transcripts from the host university. Completion of the "Application for Study Abroad Credit" form indicates how a course will be counted if the course is successfully completed and recorded on an official transcript.
Study Abroad Course Equivalency Database

The spreadsheet is sorted by country. To select the country of choice, please click on the appropriate tab on the bottom of the screen. The database includes the following fields: Host University, Foreign Course Title, Foreign Course Number (if known), Equivalent UMSL Department, UMSL Course Number, UMSL Title, Language of Instruction, and Comments. Scroll to the right of the spreadsheet to view all fields.

Please note that this spreadsheet only shows courses that have been evaluated in the past. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that a course is still being offered at the foreign institution. Students should also browse a current copy of the foreign institution's course catalog for more courses.

DO NOT PRINT THIS SPREADSHEET. It is not formatted for printing and would take several dozen pages. Simply browse the offerings on the web and write the UMSL equivalencies on your Application for Study Abroad Credit ("green sheet").

If you have any questions about how to use it, please call 516-5229 or email