Following is a list of UMSL programs which offer coursework in the above field. This includes both exchange and faculty-led programming. Many foreign universities teach coursework in English, so your choices are not limited to English-speaking countries.

Click on the university name for more information and then visit the foreign universities' web sites for current or recent course offerings. Keep in mind that in other countries courses made be called “modules” and departments may be called “faculty.”

Content courses taught in the host language require a high profenciency. Interested students should make an appointment with a Study Abroad Coordinator to discuss program options. Program information is subject to change.


Gender Studies

Program Name City Country Region Language of Instruction Terms available
Australearn Multi-City Australia Oceania English AY, FS, SP
University of Sarajevo Sarajevo Bosnia Europe Bosnian AY, FS, SP
Masaryk University Brno Czech Republic Europe Czech AY, FS, SP
Aarhus University Aarhus Denmark Europe English & Danish AY, FS, SP
University of Lancaster Lancaster England Europe English AY, FS, SP
University of Helsinki Helsinki Finland Europe English & Finnish AY, FS, SP
Ruhr University Bochum Bochum Germany Europe German AY, SP
University of Bonn Bonn Germany Europe English & German AY, SP
University of Debrecen Debrecen Hungary Europe Hungarian AY, SP
National University of Ireland - Galway Galway Ireland Europe English AY, FS, SP
J.F. Oberlin University Tokyo Japan Asia English & Japanese AY, FS, SP
Rikkyo University (College of Business) Tokyo Japan Asia Japanese AY, FS, SP
Vilnius University Vilnius Lithuania Europe Lithuanian AY, SP
University of Malta Malta Malta Europe English AY, SP
University of Bergen Bergen Norway Europe English AY, FS, SP
Comenius University in Bratislava Bratislava Slovakia Europe Slovakian AY, FS, SP
University of Western Cape Cape Town S. Africa Africa English AY, FS, SP
Univerisdad Compultense de Madrid Madrid Spain Europe Spanish AY, SP
University of Basel Basel Switzerland Europe Swiss or German AY, FS, SP