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Pierre Laclede Honors College students standout among their peers. Through small class sizes, discussion-based learning and extensive faculty interaction, undergraduate students find ways to complement their degree by accepting academic challenges and becoming creatively involved in the learning process. Unlike UMSL’s other colleges, the Honors College has no academic departments and grants no degrees. Instead, it brings together a cross section of students and teachers in a distinctive curriculum, designed to meet a portion of the students’ general education requirements. The Honors College provides interesting and innovative seminar courses, full-service academic advising, a First Year Experience program, a writing program and an internship program. Students also enjoy a full social calendar thanks to the student association and living and learning communities for residential students.



  • 537 current students
  • Instructional pool of more than 100 full-time faculty members
  • 18 or less students in discussion-based courses



  • Four-year program: open to entering freshmen and extends over a student's entire undergraduate career
  • Two-year program: open to select third-year students who are either continuing at or have transferred to the university; a two-plus program is available for transferring sophomores



  • Every new freshman or transfer student admitted in good standing to the Honors College receives academic scholarship support. Students continue to receive these awards as long as they meet the criteria associated with their particular scholarship.
  • Instructors are drawn from university faculty in all academic divisions but mainly from the traditional disciplines of the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences. These teachers share a desire to work closely with intellectually curious, high-achieving students. Faculty design courses directed toward such an audience and based on small discussion seminars. Thus, the honors faculty grows each year as new faculty join the honors project. Their talents add to the Honors College’s rich instructional pool of more than 100 full-time faculty, many of whose teaching and scholarship have been singled out for special awards.


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