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UMSL Dean of Education

Ann TaylorAnn R. Taylor

Dr. Ann Taylor has had a wonderfully varied educational career which began as a middle and secondary school geography teacher in three urban public schools in Sheffield, UK. She then spent two decades as a university faculty member and administrator at three institutions in the STL region. She is fascinated by how teachers come to learn, grow and innovate their practices together, through developing collaborative cultures and powerful learning spaces. Her published research is in mathematics education, teacher leadership, and teacher creativity and design. Her academic qualifications include a bachelor’s degree from Nottingham University (Geography), a master’s from the University of Sheffield (Education), a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from West Midlands College of Higher Education in Walsall, UK, (Geography and Chemistry), and a Ph.D. from Washington University in St Louis. In 2013, Ann moved from SIUE to UM–St Louis to serve as Associate Dean for School and Community Partnerships, and in August 2016 she became Interim Dean of the College of Education.  As a collaborative connector, Ann leads by drawing on her personal and professional experience to build trusting relationships across disciplines and communities.

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