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Faculty Research

Psychophysics/Imaging Group

The Bassi Lab has a number of ongoing projects related to macular pigment in the eye including a collaboration with Timothy Holmes, ScD at Lickenbrock Technologies, use of the Foldscope (with Manu Prakash, PhD) in eye care, and testing of the latest prototype of the Q3D (a new device for assessing visual suppression in patients.

The Wong Lab explores second order visual processing in normal vision and patients with amblyopia

Contact Lens Group

Drs. Edward Bennett, Vinita Henry, and Julie DeKinder are involved with many ongoing studies evaluating new contact lens designs and care regimens.

Ocular Disease Group

Dr. Ed Jarka's group has two major areas of emphasis:  the first is the laboratory and clinical diagnosis of ocular surface disease. This includes the use of impression cytology and the analysis of tear components by small volume analysis techniques. The other is the development and enhancement of platelet-rich plasma therapy for dry eye. Additional areas of interest include alternate drug delivery systems to the eye and the enhancement of ocular surface regenerative medicine techniques.

Binocular Vision Group

Drs. Aaron Franzel, Linda Marks, and Erin Brooks all provide clinic care and guide student and resident projects in the binocular vision area. The Pupil Project is an innovative program that brings together the resources and expertise of the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry and College of Education faculty to manage learning related vision problems.