Pre-Registration Enrollment Periods

Currently Enrolled Students - Students who are enrolled for the current semester will receive an enrollment date via email indicating when they can begin to add classes for the future semester.  This date is also viewable in their MyView Student Center.  Enrollment dates are assigned based on academic career, projected academic level for the term enrolling, and cumulative units completed.  Pre-Regisration begins on the first Monday in April for Fall and the first Monday in November for Spring.  

New Students - Students who are new to UMSL can register during the open registration period.  Open registration begins on the third Monday in April for Fall and the third Monday in November for Spring.   All new degree-seeking students must see an advisor before registering for classes.  Your advisor will give you a copy of your degree audit (DARS) report. 

All students are encouraged to enroll at the first date of eligibility as classes fill up fast.



Open registration is the third Monday in April for the fall semester,  and third Monday in November for the spring semester. 

Once open registration has been reached, all students can begin enrolling.  Student can register up through the last day to enroll for a semester.  Please see the Semester Calendar for important dates. 


If you are a new degree seeking student, you are required to meet with an advisor.  As a continuing student you may also be required to meet with your advisor before registering for classes.  

To find your advisor, contact information, or for more information related to advising, please visit the Academic Advising website


Other Important Registration Notes:

Undergraduate Fall/Spring Semesters, 19 or more credit hours. 
Graduate Fall/Spring Semesters, 13 or more credit hours.

SPECIAL CONSENT COURSE: If “Special Consent Required” is indicated in the Schedule of Courses, you may NOT register for the course without a Permission Number. You may obtain the permission number from the department offering the course.