In an effort to streamline the schedule change process for departments, our office has implemented Google Forms. We use these as a way of tracking course schedule changes that are requested after the schedule is publicized. To access these forms, you must be logged in with your UMSL SSO Id and password. If you are logged in under a personal username, you will not have access to the forms. Please note, changes will only be accepted for departmental representatives that are designated to make course schedule changes. If that is not you, please contact your department for assistance, or give us a call and we can direct you to the correct point of contact. 


Course Update Form (Google Form)

For edits to the course schedule, including additions, cancellations, enrollment cap changes, meeting pattern changes, and instructor changes, please use the Course Update Form.


Room Change Request Form (Google Form)

For room changes only, please use the Room Change Request Form. This form should only be submitted for room changes. If you have a room change that is needed because of a cap increase or decrease, please use the Course Update Form to make the enrollment capacity change, and put in the notes that a new room is required. 


Room Utilization Strategy Form (Google Form)

For requesting Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TECs) or Learning Studios, please use the Room Utilization Strategy Form. Completion of this form is an effort to ensure strategic assignment of these rooms and that the spaces are used as intended: for providing technological resources to students, providing cohesive configurations for group work or discussion, or both.


Browser issues have been discovered with Chrome.  Please use Firefox or Internet Explorer
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