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Regional Center for Education & Work - WorkKeys


WorkKeys is a national system for teaching and assessing workplace skills that connects knowing with doing and learning with earning.

The WorkKeys system introduces a common language into workforce development, enabling education and business to work together to strengthen achievement of workplace skills. In consultation with employers, educators, and experts in employment and training requirements, ACT has identified key core employability skills - skills crucial to effective performance in most jobs. WorkKeys is built on a nationally accepted common skill scale that accurately and reliably measures both the skills of individuals and the skills required for successful job performance.

The current skill areas in the WorkKeys system are:
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Technology
  • Locating Information
  • Reading for Information
  • Observation
  • Listening
  • Business Writing
  • Teamwork
After identifying these critical core workplace skills, ACT developed the WorkKeys system which involves the following four components:

1. Profiling (job analysis) to determine the skill requirements of jobs.

2. Skill assessment to determine the current skills of individuals.

3. Instructional support to help educators/trainers as they assist learners in improving their skills.

4. Research and Reporting facilitates the distribution of information to businesses, educational institutions, agencies and individuals.