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RCEW, Regional Chamber and Growth Association, and WorkABLE

WorkABLE and the RCGA commissioned a study to determine the alignment of WorkKeys' skills to Missouri's Show-Me Standards and the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) competencies. The document showing the results of this study is posted on the RCEW website ( As one reviews the document, it seems reasonable to assume that there is a match among the Show-Me Standards, SCANS competencies and the skills tested by WorkKeys' assessments. A second study was done to determine whether or not there is alignment between WorkKeys and the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP). The above referenced study indicated an alignment between the Show-Me Standards and WorkKeys. MAP assessments are designed to address the Show-Me Standards. This second study was not as straightforward as one might assume. The purposes of the two instruments are different. WorkKeys' purpose is to assess skill preparedness for the workplace related to specific occupations. MAP's purpose is to assess students' knowledge and skills in basic subject areas and their progress toward their educational achievement. Both instruments address the Show-Me Standards. They are, however, different instruments, each with its own purpose and design . If you have any questions, please feel free to contact TC Waechter-Klepac of the Regional Center for Education & Work at 314-516-4378.

Alignment Study of WorkKeys to Missouri Show-Me Standards & SCANS Competencies
Executive Summary -- Alignment Study of WorkKeys & the Missouri Assessment Program
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