"The Bridge Program has been a phenomenal, life changing experience. The program has challenged me in many ways, helping to improve my academics tremendously.  The  Saturday Academy program is preparing me for my college transition as well as how to be successful in life.  The Princeton Review ACT Workshop was an extremely valuable resource for students.  Knowing my initial score assists me in understanding how and where I need improvement in order to obtain my ACT goal. We have great instructors and I take advantage of the academics and life skills they provide. Bridge is an awesome program and I am grateful to be a part of it!  I recommend this program to every high school student.”  
Student: Marcel Hickman, Hazelwood Central  High School

“I’ve found the Parent Academy to be informative, inspirational and enlightening.  As a parent, I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity for my student to participate in this program.  I’ve noticed a change in my daughter’s thinking and behavior as it relates to academic achievement. Damoni has begun to take more responsibility for her grades, and has become more proactive in obtaining assignments and seeking assistance. I am really proud of her progress and am excited about her future.  Thank you Bridge for all that you do for students and parents!” 
Parent: Vesta King     Student: Damoni King, Grand Center Arts Academy

“This was my first year in the Bridge Program and I really enjoyed the opportunity! The teachers were amazing and the course material was extremely helpful. I’ve gained many great experiences that have given me insight on what college classes are actually like. I look forward to my college experience this fall. Thank you Bridge for giving me a jump start!”  
Student: Christopher Wieland, Francis Howell Central High School

“I am grateful for the Bridge Program; it has been one of the best resources that I’ve found for preparing high school students for college.  I appreciate that the program approaches college preparation from a familial perspective, educating both parents and students on the process.  We are all excited about our continuation in the program next year!” 
Parents:  Eric and Joy Nelson     Student:  Nicholas Nelson, St. Charles West High School

“The UMSL Bridge Program has shown me what it means to believe in myself and push for success.  I’ve met many like-minded people and have been exposed to new methods of learning.  This program has given me the opportunity to gain college experience early and prepare for the journey ahead.” 
Student: Lauren Hargrove, Gateway STEM High School

“The Bridge Program has helped my son establish a sense of independence and responsibility.  He has become more conscientious about his educational future and is more proactive in preparing academically for his future college and career goals.  His participation in the Bridge Program has played a vital role in molding my son into the man he is becoming. Thank you Bridge for the tremendous services that you provide to the community!” 
Parent: Latonia Johnson     Student: Savion Logan, Webster Groves High School

“I’ve enjoyed the Saturday Academy program immensely.  I have learned so much from the wonderful instructors.  They were so kind and always willing to assist with any questions I had.  Intensive Writing was my most memorable class.  The class broadened my perspective on how effective communication is essential to success in any career.  We’ve had great experiences throughout the program and I look forward to participating next year.” 
Student: Samesha Buchanon, North County Christian High School

“I have witnessed Kayla’s transformation into a more serious student.  The academic and learning skills gained from the Bridge Program will carry her throughout her life.  She now has a better understanding of the college-going process and what it takes to successfully complete her education.  The Princeton Review ACT workshops were extremely beneficial to students in addition to the workshops for parents.  Thank you Bridge staff and instructors for all your dedication!” 
Parent: Kesha Kent     Student: Kayla Donald, University City High School

“I am grateful for my experience as a student participant in the UMSL Bridge Program! I imagined it would be a chore on Saturday mornings but that was not the case.  I’ve made many new friends, explored new concepts and learning strategies. The program has opened my mind incredibly.  Through this program I was able to see where I stand academically and have been provided with strategies for improvement.  Overall, this was an experience I will never forget and I look forward to returning next year.”
Student: Breiona Harge, McCluer North High School