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Physics and Astronomy Colloquia

Colloquium begins at 3:00pm in Benton 303
Coffee at 2:30pm in Benton 5th floor conference room
Journal Club, 12:00pm in Benton 328


Date Speaker Colloquium Journal
22 Mar
Chathrui Silva and Chemida Ejeta
05 Apr Mohi Saki and Phil Chrostoski 12-1pm
19 Apr

Prof. Ricardo Flores

"Dark Matter May Not Actually Exist"

10 May

Alumni Luncheon and Lecture

12-1pm Luncheon

1-1:30pm Alumni Awards Ceremony

1:30-2:30 Alumni Lecture

Prof. Isaac Smith, York University, Toronto

"Reflections of Mars: Using Orbital Radar Observations to Discover Climate Signals and More in the Polar Ice Caps"

Special location: Benton 303



Benton 303

Fall Semester 2018

Date Speaker Colloquium Journal
07 Sep Prof. Peter Tass, Stanford
Long-lasting therapeutic effects by desynchronizing neuromodulation
3-4pm Bahar
14 Sep TBD
21 Sep Prof. Phil Fraundorf 12-1pm
28 Sep Prof. Ricardo Flores, UMSL
The Depth of the Oceans
05 Oct Prof. Thomas Vojta, MS&T
Emerging Phases and Phase Transitions in (Disordered) Quantum Matter
3-4pm Majzoub
12 Oct Prof. Sonya Bahar, UMSL
19 Oct Waruni Jayawardana
Nitrogen-doped nanoporous carbons as scaffolds for metal hydrides
26 Oct Chemida Ejeta
H.U. Maruf
02 Nov Prof. Ari Stern, WashU
Simulating mechanical systems: a geometrical approach
3-4pm Majzoub
09 Nov Nathan Roth
Matt Wentzel
16 Nov Chathuri Silva
Mohi Saki
30 Nov Philip Chrostoski 12-1pm
30 Nov

Joan Luby
Psychosocial adversity, brain development, and early intervention

07 Dec

How to give a
conference talk



Spring 2018

09 Mar: Physics club lecture with Dr. Horne

23 Mar: Journal Club with Chathuri, Tera

06 Apr: Journal Clulb with Maruf, Matt, Chemeda

13 Apr: 12 noon Journal Club with Mohi, Nathan
              3pm Physics Club lecture

27 Apr: Colloquium scheduled

04 May: Alumni Lecture: Scott Stephenson, Deepgram

Fall 2017

15 Sep: Michael West (host Flores)

06 Oct: Journal Club: Tim / Stephen

13 Oct: Carissa Philippi (host Bahar)

20 Oct: Journal Club: Chathuri / Tera

27 Oct: Journal Club: Nate

03 Nov: Journal Club: Mohi

10 Nov: Sandra Langeslag (host Bahar)

17 Nov: Sara Faggi (host Gibb)

01 Dec: Physics Club Special Lecture by Prof. Horne

08 Dec: Journal Club: Matt / Chemeda


Spring 2017

Fri, 10 Feb: Physics Club talk on gravitational waves by Prof. Tapei Cheng (12 noon)

Fri, 03 Mar: Colloquium speaker

Fri, 17 Mar: JC Tim / Waruni

Fri, 24 Mar: JC Tera / Chath

Fri, 31 Mar: Spring Break

Fri, 07 Apr: JC Jamie

Fri, 14 Apr: JC Mohi / Stephen

Fri, 28 Apr: JC Nate / Matt

Fri, 05 May: Alumni Lecture, Dr. Michael Meyer (U. Michigan)


Fall 2016

Fri, 23 Sep: Prof. J. Magnes (Bahar). / Journal Club. Tera and Steven presenting.

Fri, 07 Oct: Dr. T. Greene (Wilking)

Fri, 14 Oct: Prof. H. Frankel (Flores).  / Journal Club. Waruni and Nate presenting.

Fri, 21 Oct: Journal Club. Chathuri and Tim presenting.

Fri, 18 Nov: Journal Club. Matt presenting.

Fri, 25 Nov: Thanksgiving Break

Fri, 16 Dec: Finals Week


Spring 2016

Friday, 12 Feb: JC - Brock Ebert

Friday, 26 Feb: Prof. Mike Nichols

Friday, 4 Mar: Prof. Carlos Botero

Friday, 11 Mar: Prof. Woodrow Shew

Friday, 18 Mar: JC - Tera Glaze and Tim Sullivan

Friday, 25 Mar: JC - Nate Roth and Stephen Ordway

Friday, 01 Apr: Spring break

** Thursday **  07 Apr: Michael J. Way (NASA) "Was Venus the first habitable world of our solar system?" This colloquium will be held at 2pm

Friday, 15 Apr: Prof. Charles Ofria

Friday, 22 Apr: JC - Shane Meyer and Waruni Jayawardana

Friday, 29 Apr: Prof. Lauren Olin


Fall 2015

Friday, September 11:
Prof. Ralf Wessel,Washington University

Monday, September 14: (Benton 451, 4pm)
Joint Chemistry and CNS Special Lecture
Prof. Parag Banerjee, Washington University

Friday, October 09:

Journal Club
Shane Meyer

Colloquium (Joint Center for Neurodynamics Talk)
Prof. Sonya Bahar, UMSL
"Chimera States in Neural Oscillators"

Friday, October 16: Journal Club
Waruni Jayawardana

Friday, October 30:
Prof. Carl Bassi, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Friday, November 06:

Journal Club
Tim Sullivan

Colloquium (Joint Center for Neurodynamics Talk)
Prof. Bettina Casad, UMSL (Psychology)
Title TBA

Friday, November 13: Journal Club
Stephen Ordway and Gang Wang

Friday, November 20: Journal Club

Friday, December 4:
Dr. Jinyoung Serena Kim, University of Arizona


Spring Semester 2015

Fr 27 Feb 2015 : (JC) Logan Brown and Tavish Hill

Fr 13 Mar 2015 : (JC) Shane Meyer and Tim Sullivan

Fr 20 Mar 2015 : Erik Henriksen (WashU Physics), host Majzoub

Fr 27 Mar 2015 : Spring break

Fr 03 Apr 2015 : Irma Kuljanishvili (SLU Physics), host Majzoub

Fr 10 Apr 2015 : (JC) Chris Carr and Waruni Jayawardana

Fr 17 Apr 2015 : (JC) Gang Wang and Dongxue Zhao

Fr 01 May 2015 : (JC) Alyssa McFarlane and Prof. Flores

Fr 08 May 2015 : Alumni lecture by Dr. Michelle Kirchoff (12 noon)


Fall Semester 2014

Fr 05 Sep 2014 : Department luncheon

Fr 19 Sep 2014 : Alexandre Morozov

Fr 26 Sep 2014 : (JC) Shane Meyer

Fr 03 Oct 2014 : (JC) Dongxue Zhao / Tavish Hill

Fr 10 Oct 2014 : (JC) Gang Wang / Waruni Jayawardana

Fr 17 Oct 2014 : Daniel Goldman

Fr 24 Oct 2014 : Ardeshir Bulsara

Fr 31 Oct 2014 : Rachel Somerville

Fr 07 Nov 2014 : Peter Plavchan

Fr 14 Nov 2014 : (JC) Logan Brown / Jamie Daugherty

Fr 21 Nov 2014 : Bharat Ratra

Fr 05 Dec 2014 : (JC) Chris Carr / Tim Sullivan


Fall Semester 2013

06 Sep: Dr. Hiroyuki Miyake (Osaka City U.)

13 Sep: (JC) Logan Brown

20 Sep: Dr. Paul Parris (MS&T)

27 Sep: (JC) Meredith Ordway

11 Oct: (JC) Dongxue Zhao

18 Oct: (JC) Tavish Hill and Dr. Ta-Pei Cheng

01 Nov: Dr. Hans Braun (U. Marburg) - Moss Lecture

08 Nov: (JC) Dawn King

22 Nov: (JC) Shane Meyer and Gang Wang


Spring Semester 2014

31 Jan: Dr. Kelsi Singer (Wash. U.)

07 Mar: (JC) Ellie Ordway & Fahd

21 Mar: (JC) Gang Wang & Shane Meyer

04 Apr: (JC)  Dawn King & Anamaria Baluyut

18 Apr: Dr. Dan Goldman (Georgia Tech.)

            (JC) Tera Glaze & Stephen Ordway

02 May: (JC) Dongxue Zhao & Logan Brown

             Dr. Boris Kayser (Fermilab)