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What is meant by "first generation"?

Any student whose parents have not earned a bachelor’s degree is considered a first-generation college student.

What is meant by "traditionally underrepresented students"?

The University and the scholarships’ sponsors seek to promote a student body that is reflective of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. The definition of underrepresented may vary by academic discipline.

Why do I have to submit the FAFSA? Is this scholarship need-based?

The Opportunity Scholars Program does not require a student to demonstrate financial need. However, we will consider grants and scholarships from all sources when calculating the amount of a recipient’s scholarship. In addition, in the event you are not chosen as a Scholar in this program, we want to be able to provide you with the most complete financial aid package possible.

Do I need to submit a separate online scholarship application?

Students will need to complete the Online Scholarship Application prior to completing the Opportunity Scholars Program application. Please review the tutorial for using the online scholarship application to see how you will be directed to complete the General Scholarship Application and how to locate the Opportunity Scholars Program application.