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Nonprofit Management and Leadership Program

NPML’s mission is to foster the growth and effectiveness of nonprofit professionals and those aspiring to such work.

The Nonprofit Management & Leadership Program (NPML) offers comprehensive credit and noncredit courses and training for individuals with varied instructional needs:

Managers and leaders in a wide array of nonprofit fields have gained essential skills and knowledge through NPML programs. Participants join our programs from many fields, including human and social services, health and mental health, the arts and culture, education, public issues advocacy, the environment, religion, and community associations.

“Society calls upon nonprofit organizations and voluntary initiatives
 to address its most critical challenges...revitalizing cities; transforming educational, health, and social service systems; strengthening civic, arts, and cultural life; and sustaining our environment. Therefore, it is vitally important that nonprofit organizations and voluntary initiatives improve the effectiveness of managers and leaders.”

- John McClusky, NPML founder and director emeritus

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NPML is the ONLY nonprofit studies program in the St. Louis region that has full membership in the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council