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Transfer Interest Groups (TRIGS)

Building a community and networking are both key factors to success.  At UMSL, we realize it can be difficult to make meaningful connections by coming to campus to only attend classes. We hope all transfer and commuter students join a TRIG so students can find their place here at UMSL.

Still not convinced? Through participating in a TRIG, a student will gain a sense of belonging and a chance to network with other UMSL students, faculty, staff, and the greater St. Louis community. We want you to find your place and feel at home during your years at UMSL.

Join a Trig


  1. Be an enrolling transfer student
  2. Review the TRIG listings and choose the right for you
  3. Register online on tritonsync….
  4. Get Ready for a great year!

 When? Each group will meet on a different day of the week, you should choose according to your interests and your personal schedule. You can sign up at orientation, OR by filling out the Get Connected registration form, OR by emailing to be added to the group of your choice.

Where? The groups will likely have different meeting locations each week, keep an eye on your email.  This will be discussed at the first meeting, and some meetings may occur off-campus

Why? Students who are involved on campus are more likely to graduate on-time and be employed after graduation.  We provide this opportunity for you to get connected to campus and the community in a manner specific to transfer students so that you can find a place all your own and begin readying yourself for your career post-graduation.