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Orientation Leaders


2020 OL Team Application & updated information below will be available on Monday, September 30 2019  

New Student Programs Office each year selects a group of undergraduate student leaders who have the opportunity to welcome our new incoming students, new transfer students, and family members to the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The Orientation Leader (OL) team is a group of students who are trained to share about UMSL's campus resources, to share about their UMSL experience, and to build connections to their peers, faculty, and staff. 

The OLs selected are considered some of UMSL's top student leaders on campus by students, faculty, and staff.  Individuals interested in this position need to want to grow your own personal and professional development skills, want to learn/grow knowledge about UMSL's campus, want to share positive experiences of being a student, and to provide our incoming students and families the best experience at Orientation. 


Orientation Leader Job Description & Important Dates PDF


Orientation Leader Job Description

Department Mission:

The Office of New Student Programs (NSP) provides ongoing programs and services that support new students and families in transition to University of Missouri – St. Louis

Position Responsibilities:

  • Lead programmatic components and sessions during parent or student Orientation program
  • Work closely and effectively with Orientation Leaders and staff to make a memorable and welcoming environment for new students.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively and provide and promote accurate information to students regarding Weeks of Welcome opportunities.
  • Initiate and develop open communication and interaction with your new students, fellow leaders and professional staff.
  • Serve as a positive role model, set an example, and be excited to promote the UMSL community to students.
  • Provide assistance with the implementation of Triton Take-Off Weekend and Weeks of Welcome activities.


  • Reliable, responsible, confident, creative, sincere, flexible, willing to help, and good communication skills
  • An energetic and fun personality, positive attitude, and dedication
  • Minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Eligible to register as an undergraduate student at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) from now (Fall 2018-Fall 2019)
  • Basic knowledge of UMSL campus and desire to further knowledge
  • Able to attend all training and Orientation dates
  • You are not allowed to enroll in summer courses as they would conflict with required dates on next page


  • The opportunity to impact the lives, experiences, and academic success of first-year students at UMSL
  • Experience as a Para-professional to gain personal and professional skills for your future
  • Hourly wage: $8.50 per hour
  • Potential Option for On-Campus Living in Residential Life and Housing facility during May-August. (Must complete Residential Life and Housing volunteer hours for compensation of living on campus listed on next pages volunteer dates. This does not include a meal plan.)

Required Dates: Please view important dates in the next section called OL Time Commitment & Important Dates. 

Required Dates:

ORIENTATION DATES MUST BE AVAILABLE TO WORK ALL DATES. Will be notified upon hired or as soon as NSP staff knows if any dates have changed to the dates listed on the following pages. Please note the hours estimation is an estimate and is subject to change.

WOW Crew Leader trainings, Triton Take-Off Weekend/Triton Spring Launch events, WOW Crew Leader role, OL Film videotaping, NODA regional Conference, and ResLife Volunteer Hours are included in dates, but are NOT PAID EVENTS.  You will receive other perks for working these roles.


Orientation Leader Job Description & Important Dates PDF



December (19 hours)

Saturday, December 1 (9am-5pm)                                                   OL Retreat

Friday, December 14 (2pm-5pm)                                                      NSP: OL Prep

Monday, December 17 (7am-3pm)                                                  TSO session

January (35 hours)

Wednesday, January 16 (2pm-5pm)                                                NSP: OL Prep

Thursday, January 17 (7am-3pm)                                                     TSO session

Friday, January 18 (7am-6pm)                                                           NSO session

Saturday, January 19 (8am-4pm)                                                      TSO session

Tuesday, Jan. 22 & Wednesday, Jan. 23  (5 hours, 2 shifts)         Help-A-Triton Table Shifts

OL Spring Trainings (January-April--15 hours)

OL Spring Training begins, week of January 28 first meeting to last meeting mid-April week, (1.5 hours, once a week, for 10 weeks, total of 15 hr). Week of the following dates:

  • Week of Jan. 28
  • Week of Feb. 4
  • Week of Feb. 11
    • 18 homecoming week no training just dance practice & performance day
  • Week of Feb. 25
  • Week of March 4
  • Week of March 11
  • Week of March 18
    • March 25 Spring Break no training
  • Week of April 1
  • Week of April 8
  • Week of April 15 

OL Dance/Song Practices (January-February 6 hours)

Week of the following for 1 hour sessions:

  • Week of Jan. 28-record song in radio station (1 hr)
  • Week of Feb. 4-record song in radio station (1 hr)
  • Week of Feb. 11—practice dance (1 hour)
  • Week of Feb. 18—practice dance (1 hour)
  • Day of Lipsync at Homecoming: Feb. 22 evening 6pm-8pm (2 hours)

February/March (7.5 hours, optional 15 more hours)

Thursday, Feb. 21 (5:30pm-8:00pm)                                               Admitted Student Reception & Pack the Stands

Saturday, March 2 (11:00am-4:00pm)                                            UMSL Day

Friday, March 15-Sunday, March 17                                                NODA Regional Conference at University of Arkansas**NSP pays for hotel, travel, & meals

                                                                                                                NOT PAID—professional development conference opportunity

Monday, March 25-Friday, March 29 (2pm-5pm, 15 hours)       OL Phone Calling optional

April (volunteer times)

Tuesday, April 2-Friday, April 5 (1pm-5pm)                                    OL Video Taping, sign-up for shifts--timeslot as it gets sooner (not paid time)

Sunday, April 7 (noon-4:00pm)                                                         WOW Crew Leader Spring Training (volunteer, nonpaid time, meal included)

May (volunteer-Reslife & paid NSP 74 hours)             

Wednesday, May 15 (9am-12pm)                                                    NSP OL Prep Work

Thursday, May 16 (7am - 3pm)                                                         Transfer Student Orientation (TSO)


Monday, May 20

 (9am – 12pm)                                                                      Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

                (2pm-5pm)                                                                            NSP OL Prep Work: Phone Calling

Tuesday, May 21 (8am-4pm)                                                             OL Camp-low ropes course

Wednesday, May 22 (9am-5pm)                                                      OL Training

Thursday, May 23 (9am-5pm)                                                           OL Training

Friday, May 24 (9am-1pm)                                                                 OL Training


Tuesday, May 28 (9am-5pm)                                                             OL Training

Wednesday, May 29 (9am-5pm)                                                      OL Training

Thursday, May 30 (9am-5pm)                                                           OL Training

Friday, May 31 (8am-4pm)                                                                 Orientation Transition Retention Showcase/NSP OL Prep Work

June (volunteer-Reslife & paid NSP 105 hours)

Sunday, June 2 (2pm-10pm)                                                              NSP OL Prep Work/Triton Overnight Experience Session 1

Monday, June 3 (7am-6pm)                                                               New Student Orientation (NSO)

Tuesday, June 4

(10:30am-12pm)                                                                  Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

(4pm-10pm)                                                                          Triton Overnight Experience Session 2

Wednesday, June 5 (7am-6pm)                                                        New Student Orientation (NSO)

Thursday, June 6

(10:30am-12pm)                                                                  Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

(4pm-10pm)                                                                          Triton Overnight Experience Session 3 **Transfer session


Friday, June 7 (7am-3pm)                                                                   Transfer Student Orientation (TSO)


Monday, June 10 (2pm-5pm)                                                            OL Admitted Student Phone Calling 

Tuesday, June 11

                (9am-12pm)                                                                          Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

                (2pm-5pm)                                                                            OL Admitted Student Phone Calling 

Wednesday, June 12 (2pm-5pm)                                                      OL Admitted Student Phone Calling 

Thursday, June 13

(9am-12pm)                                                                          Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

                (2pm-5pm)                                                                            OL Admitted Student Phone Calling 

Friday, June 14 (2pm-5pm)                                                                OL Admitted Student Phone Calling 


Tuesday, June 18

(10:30am-12pm)                                                                  Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

(2pm-5pm)                                                                            NSP OL Prep Work

Wednesday, June 19

(4pm-10pm)                                                                          Triton Overnight Experience Session 4

Thursday, June 20 (7am-6pm)                                                           New Student Orientation (NSO)

Friday, June 21

(10:30am-12pm)                                                                  Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

(4pm-10pm)                                                                          Triton Overnight Experience Session 5

Saturday, June 22 (7am-6pm)                                                           New Student Orientation (NSO)

JULY (volunteer-Reslife & paid NSP 53 hours)

Tuesday, July 9

                (9am-5pm)                                                                            Admissions Quick Admit Day OL work

                After work                                                                             OL Mid-Summer Social TBD, fun time not paid

Wednesday, July 10

(9am-12pm)                                                                          Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

(2pm-5pm)                                                                            NSP OL Prep Work 

Thursday, July 11 (7am-3pm)                                                            Transfer Student Orientation (TSO)

Friday, July 12 (2pm-5pm)                                                                 OL Admitted Student Phone Calling


Monday, July 15

(9am-12pm)                                                                          Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

(2pm-5pm)                                                                            OL Admitted Student Phone Calling

Tuesday, July 16

(9am-12pm)                                                                          Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

(2pm-5pm)                                                                            OL Admitted Student Phone Calling

Wednesday, July 17 (4pm-10pm)                                                     Triton Overnight Experience Session 6   

Thursday, July 18 (7am-6pm)                                                            New Student Orientation (NSO)

Friday, July 19 (7am-3pm)                                                                 Transfer Student Orientation (TSO)

AUGUST (volunteer-reslife/WOW & paid NSP 50)

Thursday, August 1 

(9am-12pm)                                                                          Reslife Volunteer Hours to compensate OL housing

(2pm-5pm)                                                                            NSP OL Prep Work 

Friday, August 2

(7am-3pm)                                                                            Transfer Student Orientation (TSO)

(5pm-8pm)                                                                            Admitted Student Reception – Open Rec Night


Friday, August 9 (9am-5pm)                                                              NSP OL Prep Work 

Saturday, August 10 (8am-4pm)                                                       Transfer Student Orientation (TSO)


Tuesday, August 13 (9am-5pm)                                                        NSP OL Prep Work 

Wednesday, August 14

(7am-6pm)                                                                           New Student Orientation (NSO)

(6pm-10pm)                                                                          WOW Crew Leader Training (volunteer, nonpaid time, meal included)

Thursday, August 15 (11am-4pm)                                                    WOW Crew Leader: Triton Take-Off Weekend Prep day, volunteer

Friday, August 16 - Sunday, August 18                                            Triton Take-Off Weekend **schedule as it gets sooner, keep all day open, volunteer

Monday, August 19-Tuesday, August 20                                        Help-A-Triton Table, volunteer for two shift


September 9-13 (1 hour)                                                                   OL Exit Interviews, will sign-up for timeslot paid NSP

September 16-20, 2019 (5pm-7pm)                                                 OL End of Year Celebration Dinner, team will vote on date to meet not paid fun

Optional: OL Informational Sessions

We encourage you to attend one of the Orientation Leader (OL) Informational Sessions. This will be a time you will have professional staff and past OLs talk about the position and answering any questions from application to interviewing process. Each of these sessions are optional to attend, but are extremely valuable to get your questions answered about this role.

OL Informational Sessions: 

Date Time Location
Thursday, October 4 12:30pm-1:30pm Millennium Student Center conference room 366
Monday, October 8 5:00pm-6:00pm
Oak Residence Hall Lobby**
**Oak Hall & Villa North Hall resident & guest checked in with resident can attend
Wednesday, October 10 5:00pm-6:00pm Provincial House Dining Hall 
Tuesday, October 16 12:30pm-1:30pm Millennium Student Center conference room 366

How to Apply Steps

Step 1 

Go to the above red button and fill out the online application by Friday, October 26 before 11:59pm.  The application should take 30 to 60 minutes to complete (general information about you, upload a recent resume, include a list of current involvement on campus and jobs, list of any awards, answer the essay question why are you interested in becoming an Orientation Leader?, and cumulative GPA.) If you are a first-year student, please provide your expected end of semester GPA---we will check grades upon end of semester. 

You will select your OL Group Interview session and OL Individual Interview on the application confirmation email. If you need assistance on writing a resume, please stop by the Career Services Office where they can assist you with resume assistance or check their online tools HERE


Step 2

Attend your OL Group Interview session. You selected a date/time from your OL Application confirmation email. If you forgot your interview session, you can email to answer any questions. We will send you an email reminder by end of day Tuesday, October 30. 

Attendance to your OL Group Interview is required to be considered for the OL position.  The OL Group Interview will be in a small group of other students interviewing for the OL role. You will be evaluated based on your performance in various activities throughout the interview. 

Tips for your Group Interview:

  • Business casual attire is recommended.
  • Be Yourself! We encourage you to showcase YOU with your personality, skills, knowledge of campus, and why you want to be an OL.  
  • Keep in mind, the OL role does not require you to know everything about UMSL, but the ability to learn. 
  • We want OLs to positively represent UMSL, the desire to help, and to provide our incoming students (new/transfer) and family members a great first UMSL experience. 


Step 3

Attend your OL Individual Interview.  You selected a date/time from your OL Application confirmation email. If you forgot your interview session, you can email to answer any questions. We will send you an email reminder by end of day Friday, November 2. 

Attendance to your OL Individual Interview is required to be considered for the OL position. The individual Interview will be with the professional staff members within the Office of New Student Programs to get to know you even more on a one-on-one basis.  Interviews typically last about 30 minutes.

Tips for your interview:

  • Check out UMSL Career Services Office to learn best practices for interviews. Plan ahead and make an appointment. 
  • Business casual attire is recommended.
  • If you are a first semester first-year student, you need to bring a copy of your midterm grades and submit them during this interview to verify your GPA. 
  • Arrive early to your interview. If you have an emergency and need to reschedule, please contact the New Student Programs Office at 314-516-5291 or as soon as possible. 
  • If at any time you need to withdraw your OL application, please contact the New Student Programs Office at 314-516-5291 or as soon as possible. 

Notification of the OL Position

After you completed the OL application, you attended your OL Group Interview, and your OL Individual Interview---you will be notified by email if selected or not by Thursday, November 8 by end of the day. 


Not Selected for the OL Role

You are encouraged to apply again next year! Now you went through this process, you have learned more items to prepare for the future, and you can utilize the UMSL Careeer Services Office to gain more insight on how to prepare as well.  If you would like to learn how you can grow from the OL interviewing experience, you can email to make an appointment to talk about areas of growth in your interviewing skills. 

Keep in mind New Student Programs has a volunteer position available called WOW Crew Leader for Triton Take-Off Weekend during the beginning of the fall semester.  This is a great way to help incoming new and transfer students on UMSL's campus to make a positive impact too! Recruitment for this position is in the Spring semester. 

Nomination Form

Yes, a fellow student, an UMSL staff member, and/or an UMSL faculty member are eligible to nominate an individual you think would be a great Orientation Leader. If you have somone in mind, please complete the nomination form (your name as nominator, your email, and your list of students first, last name with email, and with any reasons why.) After you submit your nomination form, the Office of New Student Programs will send them a follow-up email about the role that they have been nominated. Please note, the students must still complete the OL Application before it closes. If you have any questions, you can email or call us at 314-516-5291 to answer any questions.



All quotes from past Orientation Leaders of how they would describe their OL experience:

Learned how to be a better leader--on stage and off stage with work and life. Enhanced communication skills and to be more a empathetic listener. 

Mentorship to other students on the team and incoming students. 

Beneficial position that gives you great exposure to resources on-campus, people on-campus, and knowledge of UMSL. Transferable skills (communication, diversity/inclusion, public speaking, empathetic listening, Disney Customer Service, conflict management, working on a team, dancing/stage presence, gratitue/appreciation, Resume, LinkedIn account, job/graduate school search, ettiquette dinner, and Being the best you).

Mix of professional Development and growing my UMSL Family. :)

Confidence in myself, enhance school pride, knowledge of campus, and considering myself a leader now.

Helped me grow as a person.

Valuable experience that was enjoyable and enhanced my leadership skills. 

Built quick connections on the team with realtionships, a group I can trust, and a team I was able to learn/grow!

Growth in my confidence, meaningful relationships, and inspiring new students.

Great networking opportunity!

Great group of friends to hangout with now and the OL role didn't feel like work! 

Really great experience that enhanced my public speaking skills. 

The role of the Orientation Leaders is one of the most important in the Orientation process; the students below are dedicating their summer to offer guidance and support to our incoming first-year and transfer students! Please look for these students and join the Office of New Student Programs in providing encouragement as they represent UMSL! 

We encourage all new students and families to use these leaders during your time at Orientation. They are here to assist with any questions.


2019 Orientation Leader (OL) Team

**All years in school of our OL Team below, reflects class standing for Fall 2019 semester.**

CC Current

CC Current

Major: Nursing

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Kelsey Ginger 

Kelsey Ginger

Major: Elementary Education (Special Education)

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

 YuJin Hur

YuJin Hur

Major: International Business

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Sammy Jacobs

Sammy Jacobs

Major: Business Administration 

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: Jefferson City, MO

Chris Johnson Mobley

Chris Johnson-Mobley

Major: General Business

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Donyell Nelson

Donyell Nelson

Major: Nursing

Year in School: Sophomore

Hometown: St.Louis, MO

 Foram Patel

Foram Patel

Major: Psychology

Year in School: Senior

Hometown: Belleville, IL

Malik Taylor-Allen

Malik Taylor-Allen

Major: Media Studies 

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: Bellefontaine Neighbors, MO


 Elizabeth Younger

Elizabeth Younger

Major: Elementary Education (Middle School Education)

Year in School: Senior

Hometown: St. Peters, MO 

Aleathea Williams

Aleathea Williams

Major: Political Sciences

Year in School: recent UMSL graduate (May 2019)

Hometown: Kansas City, MO & Chicago, IL 

We are excited to meet YOU soon! -UMSL OL Team #UMSLproud



OL Team 2019



2018 Orientation Leaders

OL Team 2018


OL Team 2017