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Sean Burkett

Student Spotlights
Sean Burkett

Sean Burkett


Sean has learned a lot about leadership during his time at UMSL.  In two short years he has learned how to communicate better with those around him. He has grown his interpersonal skills and learned to adapt when things don’t go his way.  All of these things can be credited to the effort he has put into getting involved.  He has made it his mission to meet as many people as he can and create deep connections with other students. He makes himself approachable by being open and considerate to everyone around him and makes an effort to truly be there for anyone who needs a friend.


His involvement spans across all areas of campus. Sean has served as a Residential Advisor at Oak Hall, a committee member on the Student Activity Budget Committee, a Senior Research Assistant in the Social Psychology Research Lab, and as the President of the Residential Housing Association.


Sean loves UMSL because of all the awesome people that he gets to meet through his various positions on campus. Through being a being a student leader, Sean has learned that everybody is different, and a good leader must respect others’ ways of doing things and be able to work with them to achieve a common goal. Sean’s leadership philosophy can be summed up by his favorite leadership quote “The difference between a boss and a leaders is that a boss says, ‘Go!’ and a leaders says, ‘Let’s go!’.