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Sammi Risius

Student Spotlights
Sammi Risius

Sammi Risius

I come from a military family and have lived all over.


Through my involvement, I have learned to be dedicated. I do not give up even when things get busy. I know what I have time for and if I am going to do something I need to do it the best of my ability. I work hard and through my involvement, I have become the leader I am today.

Leadership Positions:

PRIZM, Vice President
Student Government, Senator
Homecoming Committee
To Write Love on Her Arms
University Program Board, General Member
University Meadows, Village Assistant and Marketing Assistant


I love UMSL because…

of all the opportunities. UMSL is considered a commuter school, however, I think its size is perfect. It is small enough that I know many people and can make friends but big enough that there is a lot to do. There are so many organizations, events, courses, and resources on campus. UMSL offers a number of majors and has the tutors and resources to ensure students success.As a student with a learning disability, I have received assistance through Disability Asses Sevices, such as tutor, study tips, and more. I have seen first hand how hard UMSL works to help students succeed. UMSL wants us to be successful not just in college but in whatever career we choose.


 Favorite Leadership Quote:

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in our absence." — Sheryl Sandberg