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Nick Garvin

Student Spotlights
Nick Garvin

Nick Garvin



As a leader you will always be tested, and others’ expectations will always be for you to present the best no matter the situation or particular objective. But, as a leader one must always be prepared to be the best they can be, no matter what others expect out of you. As a leader one should always practice being steadfast in their actions, unmovable in their pursuits, and uncompromising in their goals for their collective community.

Leadership Positions:

Former SGA Senator 
CCDC Senior Member 
UMSL Grievance and Discrimination Panel, Senior Member


I love UMSL because…

UMSL as an institution has allowed me to grow in my academics and has provided for the social experience that most college students look for, all while allowing me to grow as a leader.


 Favorite Leadership Quote:

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can altar the course of history."  -Mahatma Ghandi