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Melissa Schnefke

Student Spotlights
Melissa Schnefke


I have lived on campus at UMSL all four years and have tried to get as involved as I possibly could. I have worked countless hours in numerous campus positions, and I have also volunteered countless hours of my time to events and organizations on this campus as well. I have tried to be a leader on this campus by being an example to other students, promoting this campus in a positive manner, and being approachable to other students.

Melissa Schnefke would not be the person she is today if it were not for all the campus involvement that she has experienced in the last three and a half years. A favorite leadership quote she enjoys is "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Campus involvement has allowed Ms. Schnefke to grow on both professional and personal level. Her most valuable lessons from school were learning how to be flexible, approachable, and how to feel like she is a part of something big.

Ms. Schnefke has many notable leadership positions on her plate that include Senior Resident Advisor, Resident Advisor, Conference Assistant, Event Assistant, Cultural Traditions Peer Mentor, SMART Mentor, SABC Member, MLK Day of Service Site Leader. These positions have provided her with the necessary training and skills she needed that will stem way beyond her involvement of just getting a degree. As a nursing student gearing up for graduation, she is a firm believer of the UMSL student experience. This “UMSL experience” she refers to is what one makes of it, and with some effort and a desire to be more involved, students like Ms. Schnefke can reap great benefits.

Student leadership positions available on campus provide opportunity to gain connections and harvest relationships with other students, faculty, and professionals in our campus community. Campus involvement is the place for students to learn about themselves and each other, it is the best place to establish connections and relationships with other students, faculty, and professionals on this campus.