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David Niemann

Student Spotlights
David Niemann

David Niemann


"Some important skills that I have learned include the ability to delegate, communication, and how to build personal relationships. Communications and building personal relationships will be especially important in my future career because I want to be a teacher. "

David is a leader at UMSL because of how involved he has gotten during his time here. Once he joins and organization, he takes on leadership roles so he has the ability to guide those organizations toward certain goals that they set. He doesn’t just sit by and let things stay the way they are. He makes sure to take the initiative to make a change where it is needed. Through his involvement, David has learned to expect the unexpected and be flexible if things don’t go exactly as planned. He has also learned how to delegate tasks and improved his communication and relationship building skills.

David first got involved when he joined Sigma Pi Fraternity. There he learned the important of getting involved and he did just that. He has served as the Public Relations Chairperson and the Risk Management Chairperson for Sigma Pi. He also joined the Greek Week Steering Committee. This year he will serve as the President of the Inter Fraternity Council.

David loves UMSL because it has given him a place to call home over the last few years. He has made great friends here, friendships that will extend past graduation. UMSL has made college very enjoyable for David. It has given him interesting things to do and he has never been bored here. David’s favorite leadership quote is "The price of greatness is responsibility." --Winston Churchill