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Braxton Perry

Student Spotlights
Braxton Perry

Braxton Perry

This year I began mentoring for the Succeed Program which allowed me to lead those with a disability. I really enjoy teaching and helping these students because I know the skills I teach them, they will be able to use the rest of their lives.

UMSL is lucky to have student leader and team member Braxton Perry. A native of Saint Charles, MO, Mr. Perry’s major in physical education is just one of the reasons why he is so awesome. Between school, work, and sleep, this student leader has learned the importance of time management. While maintaining a set schedule is crucial to his success, he also allows for flexibility in his methods towards achieving his goals. Balancing all of the different aspects of life can be very challenging, but being at UMSL helped manage this tough equation a lot easier. Combining academics, student employment, and outside-of-school interests is a recipe made for a well-prepared student who is ready to take on the future.

Mr. Perry is currently a junior is his academic program. He has held multiple positions at school including Staff Assistant. He currently works as a Mentor for the Succeed Student Program, and Treasurer for the Pierre Laclede Honors College Student Association. Through his campus involvement, Mr. Perry takes part in making the UMSL campus community better; he thrives on teamwork. He also takes pride in helping students achieve their academic goals at the Succeed Program. Overall, his experience as a student leader has been beneficial to his personal and professional development.

Braxton Perry loves UMSL because he believes in receiving a great education while still being able to live close to home. He knows his teachers come to work ready to teach, just as he comes to school ready to learn. Pleased with the teachers presented before him, his learning experience, and leadership skills he gained from working on campus, Braxton Perry knows that when he graduates, he will be ready to fly with his career. Mr. Perry’s favorite leadership quote is by W.E.B Dubois who said that "There is in this world no such force as the force of a person determined to rise.