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Adriene Lai

Student Spotlights
Adriene Lai


I am currently a building manager at the Recreation and Wellness Center on campus, and am leading my own research project sometime soon in the psychology department.

Adriene Michelle Lai is a junior majoring in Psychology and Pre-Med with a Philosophy of Science and Technology minor. In her journey at UMSL, she enjoys interacting with people who share different ideas. Her experiences taught her how to mediate situations and learn the ways of compromising. Time management and task delegation create a happy team member.

Ms. Lai holds various leadership positions on campus that include rotating as Treasurer, Vice President, and President of the Student Electronic Media Production Association. As a student employee, she is the Building Manager for the Campus Recreation and Wellness center. UMSL’s diverse population and academic programs make for a great institution to be part of.

Originally from Las Vegas, NV, Ms. Lai loves UMSL because she sees it as the hidden gem of Missouri. She believes UMSL provides her with a good balance between work and fun that keep her on her toes and ready for the next adventure. Her favorite leadership quote is by Marianne Williamson who says that "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, and not our darkness, that frightens us.”

Adriene Lai encompasses the opportunities that UMSL provided her with, and in turn, she is greatly benefiting from her involvement on campus. She has made friends, learned valuable communication skills, and held positions in her student organization that will prepare her for the job market wherever she may go. Ms. Lai embraces her time at UMSL as a place to grow, learn, and collaborate in an environment that is preparing her for the future. UMSL may be a hidden gem of Missouri, but it is spectacular individuals like Ms. Lai that make UMSL a special place.